in Sport

July 13, 2022

Brought to life through Gemba and Transport for NSW’s long-term partnership, the ongoing road safety campaign The Knock-On Effect has been monumental in bringing the topic of road safety to the forefront of public discussion.

The Knock-On Effect is part of a long-term integrated campaign that is focused on saving lives on New South Wales roads. This year’s campaign messages were delivered through Transport for NSW’s sponsorship partner NSW Rugby League, and players from the Bryden Lawyers NSW Blues team.

In sport, mentors and coaches can have a significant influence on their athletes and can be instrumental in helping them make good decisions – not only as athletes, but also as human beings.
Which is why this season, The Knock-On Effect campaign took an insightful look at the world of coaching and mentoring, and the positive impact that leadership figures have had on the lives of the Bryden Lawyers NSW Blues players on and off the field.

To bring their stories to life, Gemba produced a three-part mini-documentary series called Building the Blues. The masterclass focused on coaches/mentors philosophy of coaching and life whilst also communicating key road safety messages about behavioural factors including: speeding, fatigue, distraction and drink driving. Featuring Rugby League stars Brad Fittler, Greg Alexander, Boyd Cordner, Isaah Yeo, Latrell Mitchell, Angus Crichton and Liam Martin. Each episode explores the concept of decision-making, and how one bad decision on the road can have a detrimental ‘knock-on effect’ in the wider community.

Mr Fittler said, “The most intelligent people are those who can learn from other people’s mistakes.

“Speeding, drink driving, and fatigue are things we can control with good decisions.”

Accompanying the Building the Blues mini-series, Gemba also produced in-stadia and digital assets to support the campaign that will be live for the duration of The Knock-On Effect Cup season and live across NSW Rugby League’s social channels and website.