It’s all about the people. At Gemba, we strive to nurture a dynamic workplace culture where everyone has the opportunity to learn, contribute, be recognised and build a rewarding career.


We're a highly talented bunch who share a passion for all things sport and entertainment. When we’re not producing world-class work in the office, you'll probably find us front-row at the latest gig, catching a movie, cycling around the bay, playing international lacrosse or screaming our lungs out at the footy. You might call it having a good time. We call it #goingtogemba!


Divisional Manager, Marketing Strategy


Divisional Manager, Marketing Strategy


Connecting fans and brands via passion has been my profession for more two decades.

Working in sports and entertainment in Australia, Asia and Europe, I’ve been fortunate to experience brand, agency and media-owner sides of the industry. I’ve worked with some of the world’s biggest brands across Telco, FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Payments, Insurance, Motoring, and Beverages.

A naturally curious person, I question everything (often to the chagrin of my colleagues) and this instinct lead me into Strategy and Creative Planning. I love working on briefs that challenge ‘conventional wisdom’ and get massive satisfaction from unlocking new insights that solve business problems.

When I’M not working, I’m a husband, proud father of two and working on a VERY average golf swing.


7:00am – Kids woke me an hour ago. Making breakfasts and school lunches through blurry eyes – “Hey Alexa, Play ABC News in Kitchen”

7:45am – Out the door with kids for school drop off – “Hey Siri, what time is the next train to the office?”

8:30am – In boardroom for Marketing Strategy weekly meeting – Connecting Syd and Melb offices on MS Teams for video conference

9;00am – Review first draft creative concepts for a long standing client’s season launch TVC which landed overnight. A few good (but safe) ideas, one killer concept (bang on brief) and one idea that would get me fired (glad the creative team are still pushing the limits ;))

12:00pm – Lunch with the Management Team to discuss budgets, targets, staffing and other equally inspiring topics – lucky the Pho is hot and delicious

3:00pm – Review creative brief for brand new client. Pushing our guys to really dig into Gemba Insights data (there is over 10 years of it!) to understand what makes fans of Cricket in India unique for a new project

4:30pm – Time carved out to get though todays emails. A note from an old colleague sharing some awesome new work she did puts a smile on my face. Also need to catch up on Timesheets (I’m a bit behind as our ever patient finance folks remind me)

5:30pm – Quick check in with the boss (the work one) to close out the day. Scan LinkedIn (Mark Ritson is kicking ass and taking names – again). Chuck laptop in bag. Earphone’s in. Out the door

8:30pm – Eldest off to sleep, so time for a whisky and feet up. “Hey Alexa, open Netflix”

Connect with ADAM HODGE


Account Manager


Account Manager


I grew up in a small town outside of the ACT, where weekends were filled with Netball in the mornings, cheering on the local Rugby team in the afternoons and watching whatever sport was on TV in the evening.

I applied my passion for sports and entertainment to studying, finishing a double degree in Sports Management/Tourism Management at the University of Canberra. I was offered a foot in the door interning with a professional Rugby team, which lead to a full time role in Sydney working in Sports Partnerships for Teams and Major Venues – and never looked back!

I’m a huge live event fan so love spending my spare time with friends checking out a sports event or music gig.


5:50am – Alarm goes off. Time to hit the gym before a big day!

7:45am – Jump on the train into the city. Sports podcasts and tunes are queued and ready for the commute to the office

8:30am – Breakfast + coffee whilst checking through any overnight emails and setting up my to do list for the day

9:00am – Weekly WIP with the Creative team to provide updates on some exciting upcoming projects and discuss some urgent briefs that have just popped up

10:30am – Catch up with the St.George team to chat through our Apple Pay activation. Super excited for this campaign to launch. To do list continues to grow…

12:30pm – Can’t believe it’s already time for lunch! Head into the kitchen to heat up some food and catch up with the other teams over results from the weekend. How good were the Swannies!

1:30pm – Internal re-group on a new brief we’ve received. The Creative guys are presenting some amazing new concepts for one of our clients

3:00pm – Cat has stocked the kitchen with some delicious snacks so I’ll grab a muesli bar to power through the afternoon

4:00pm – Finish off a production brief for Transport for NSW. We need some new LED signage created for the Western Sydney Wanderers game next weekend

5:30pm – Enter in my timesheet, file away some remaining emails and check how my day tomorrow is looking

5:45pm – Air pods in and out the door for a low-key night, catching up on the latest show I’ve been binging on Netflix

Connect with ALANNAH BRADY


Head of Creative & Production


Head of Creative & Production


An ex-Designer turned Creative Producer with experience working with brands across a range of industries and channels. After working in London as a freelance designer, I landed a gig at an experiential and sponsorship agency where I got the chance to work on RWC 2015 (every kiwis dream). It was here I developed a taste for working in the sports and entertainment space.


It makes sense I ended up working for a company that lives for sport and entertainment. From a young age I loved all things sport, playing Kiwi Cricket and Mini Ball to volleyball and netball. Since moving to Melbourne I’ve carried on playing netty with my new local club, St. Kilda City. As for the entertainment side of things, whether it’s the latest podcast, tv series musical, ballet performance or festivals, I love it all.


5:45am – Rise and shine it’s time to go to the gym

6:00am – Gym. Time to start running

7:45am – Tram. Enjoy my commute as it gives me time to read or listen to a podcast

8:15am – Get to work but not before stopping for coffee on the way in. See if I can play any pranks on Nathan… then wonder if he’s played any pranks on me and get paranoid

8:45am – Creative huddle. Get together with the team and prioritise our days and see where we can help each other

9:00am – Work. High priority, urgent stuff comes first…

1:00pm – LUNCH. Sit around the table with a few other folks around the agency and go through the newspaper quizzes. Get frustrated when everyone gets the answers so quickly because they’re all related to Australia and I’m a Kiwi

2:00pm – Back to work. By this point I’ve got Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign open. From brand campaigns to presentations, you name it and I’m trying make it look slick

6:00pm – Whip on my netball gear and join the Gemballers on the court for hopefully another win!

7:00pm – Home, then dinner. After that it’s time to wind down. Netflix, a cheeky drink or maybe I’m so tired I’ll just browse nothing on my phone till I fall asleep

9:30pm – Bedtime



Junior Creative Producer


Junior Creative Producer


Sport, music, performance and more sport. I could never choose just one. I grew up in Melbourne watching, playing and dreaming my life would involve all things sport and entertainment. I currently play for the Casey Demons in the VFLW, netball and tennis competitively and jam out on the guitar or piano in my spare time.

Whilst studying, I coached multiple sports across two Girl’s Schools in Melbourne. It led to me heading the Netball and AFL programs creating a high-performance environment for young girls to learn, develop and excel. I completed internships at Capi and Priscilla’s Model Management finding a love for event management, innovation and sustainability. I graduated from RMIT with a degree in International Business with an Interest In strategic management and creativity, Innovation and design. I am excited to begin my career at Gemba and be a part of changing the sport and entertainment industry.


6:30am – Run time, keep clocking up k’s…

7:45am- Sometimes I forget how organised I can be, breakfast and lunch are already made which means I can rush out the door to work

7:55am- Park at the tan and enjoy a 15minute stroll into the office with a friend who works nearby

8:10am- Catch up on emails and timesheets

8:30am – Creative Team Huddle

9:00am – WIP with STG Girls- what surprise job will pop up today?

9:30am – Prepare for a morning of managing different projects coming in/ on-going within the Creative team and attend a briefing for Toyota

1:00pm – Honey and I chat about random things in life before I take 10min for lunch (boarding school teaches you to eat quick)

2:00pm – WIP with Alexandra, talking about my current work and last weekend’s SSN games

3:45pm – Jump in the car to head to footy training. 1.5hrs in traffic means phone calls only to discuss any questions or projects with the team

5:00pm –Footy training

9:30pm – Arrive home and back online to check any urgent matters while I eat dinner

10:15pm – Sleep


Event Executive


Event Executive


I’ve always been passionate about experiences so when the opportunity arose to join the events team at Gemba I jumped at the chance. When I’m not running around prepping for an event, I’m attending music festivals and gigs and love to be entertained. My hobbies include going to the beach for a swim, going to the beach for a walk, and waiting for summer.


6:30am – Alarm goes off, cheeky snooze before getting up

7:15am – Got ready in time for a home coffee

7:35am – Use the train ride to curate my latest Spotify playlist

8:30am – Get to work, catch up on emails and create my to do list

10:00am – Morning bagel as always…

1:00pm – Time to create a rendition of tuna and rice, then eat lunch with my fellow Gembies

2:00pm – Time to run off and go shopping for event items

4:00pm – Make it back for teatime with the Account Management team

5:30pm – Leaving work and heading home, I’m starving…

7:30pm – Eat some dinner, watch some Below Deck drama & wind down for the night

10:30pm – Bedtime


Global Managing Director


Global Managing Director


I have worked in client and agency side sports marketing roles in Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years.  I am interested in the nexus where sport and entertainment meet business and how we can shape a better future for our industry.

My diverse experience across many sectors ensures my advice is straight forward, solutions-oriented, and actionable. I love the variety agency life brings and thrive on helping our clients navigate the ever-changing sport and entertainment industry we operate in.

At Gemba I oversee the way our business operates and support clients through research & data, business advisory, marketing strategy and creative for a range of sport and entertainment rights holders, government organisations and brands.


5:00am – Out the door to F45 Training. I prefer to get my daily exercise done and dusted early, it wakes up the body and mind and sets me up for the day ahead. Win the morning, win the day after all, but why is there always a rower or box jump burpees?

7:30am – Breakfast in the office, quick browse of the news , review of the calendar and draw up the plan of attack for the day

8:00am – Weekly meeting with divisional managers, department heads and finance team to discuss the sales pipeline, new business opportunities, proposals to get out this week and some pending resource challenges.

9:00am – Client meeting to update on a major contract negotiation. Review the Turnstile valuation and update our negotiation strategy in readiness for the first major meeting next week

10:00am – Catch up with Cat to discuss company marketing plan she is working on and review and reshuffle next weeks diary. She really is a miracle worker!

10:30am – Meeting with the Gemba team working up a slate of sports content production opportunities. Reminded how incredibly well Boyd writes long form sports content. Can’t wait to pitch these in the coming couple of weeks

12:00pm – Zoom call for the weekly company quiz. Craig wins, but Vicki’s son Elliot gives him a good run for his money!

2:00pm – Working session with the Insights and Strategy teams on the productisation of our Data Acceleration Program for sports leagues and teams. COVID-19 has reminded us of the importance of commercialising direct relationships with fans

3:30pm – Review client deliverable. We are helping a major sport review their OTT strategy in selected overseas markets. To deliver the best client outcomes we are partnering with Oliver & Ohlbaum Associates out of London

5:30pm – WIP with Millsy in London. We discuss the status of the joint Gemba/Turnstile project that is developing two commercial strategies for one of the world’s leading sports organisations. Also cover off  the business case  for a new Tenka Group venture. Exciting times

Connect with ANDREW CONDON


Head of Insights


Head of Insights


Ever since I was young I have been sport obsessed. Whether it be playing footy, going for a surf or watching whatever sport was on TV, sport has been a central part of my life. Growing up in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney I am a die hard Swans and Roosters fan and also get out on the track every week for the mighty UNSW/ES Bulldogs.

When it came to university, studying Economics and Marketing introduced me to the world of research and insights that I would soon find out is the perfect combination of numbers and marketing. Over the past five years I have worked across a range of industries with clients big and small, gaining expertise in media and sponsorship within the sport and entertainment categories.


5:45 am – Head down to Tamarama for a surf if the waves are good, or a gym sesh and swim if it’s flat

7:45 am – Quick breakfast at home and then onto my bike to ride into work for the day

8:30 am – Get into work and straight into my emails and planning out what needs to be done for the day

9:00 am – Head off for a coffee catch-up with a prospective client

10:30 am – Jump into a meeting with the Strategy team to brainstorm how we use our Insights Program to support a clients Customer Value Proposition

12:00 pm – Lunch time and a game of Ping Pong!

1:00 pm – Check out the latest news in the marketing and sports world, which often merges into reading the latest NBA goss on the Bleacher Report

1:30 pm – Run some data in Q for an upcoming meeting

3:00 pm – Check in on how fieldwork is progressing on a couple of projects

3:15 pm – Turn on a podcast (‘Grin Reapers’ is my current go to) and finish of an upcoming presentation

5:00 pm – Reply to some more emails and finish any admin that needs to be done

5:30 pm – Back on the bike and time to ride home

6:30 pm – Off to AFL training and time for a good run around after a big day in the office


Account Manager


Account Manager


Growing up in England, sport has always been a huge part of my life. From an early age I was involved in every sport you can imagine, gymnastics, squash, horse riding, netball, basketball, hockey, you name it I’ve probably played it. As I got older I dedicated my time to basketball with the goal of moving to America to play at University.

At 18 this became my reality. I received a scholarship to play basketball for Briar Cliff University in Iowa. Here I was able to combine my studies, Business Management & Marketing with the sport I loved. Whilst there, I was recruited to join the track & field team, so I split my seasons with winter playing basketball and summer running track. When I wasn’t training or playing games, my friends and I would gather around the tv and watch ESPN with copious amounts of snacks. After 4 years I graduated with a double major and minor.

After graduating I interned as an entertainment/events assistant at Hard Rock Casino for the summer, before moving into a full time role in promotions and marketing. As my VISA came to an end in the U.S I decided to make the move to Australia and continue my career in the live events industry. I have spent the last 3 years working at Crown Melbourne in the entertainment department, organising live events for The Palms. Joining Gemba I now get to combine my passion for sports and marketing.


5:30am –Rise and shine! A shot of pre workout and off to the gym to hit the weights!

6:45am – Quick scrub a dub in the shower and get ready for the day

7:15am – Jump on the tram and listen to some tunes (Try not to miss my stop)!

8:30am – Arrive at work and go through any emails that may have come through overnight… next stop, make a priority list for the day and allocate focus time in the diary

9:00am – Catch up with my manager Jess and talk about all the ‘to do’s’ for the day ahead

10:00am – Most likely in a meeting chatting either AFL, Motorsports or one of my favourites, TCMF!

10:30am – MONSTER ENERGY time, not being a coffee drinker means I have to find the boost elsewhere

12:00pm – Lunch time and usually a stroll with Ally along the river! We are both deep in AFL Finals so we use this as a mini catch on all things creative for Live Site

1:00pm – Check through my to do list and most likely adding lots more to it!

2:30pm – Jump into arvo meetings for motorsports to discuss a content piece that will be shot at Bathurst, and of course the return of the 86 Series End of Year Awards Dinner

4:00pm – Focus time is on and smashing out either a campaign brief, report or getting leverage budgets and masterfiles up to date!

6:00pm – Finish up for the day and respond to any urgent emails before the laptop gets closed for the evening! Sometimes even finish off with shots into the mini hoops ring

6:15pm – On the tram home, music at full volume and planning out dinner for the evening


Data Analyst


Data Analyst


Growing up in India, my life was always inclined towards sports and entertainment. Thanks to the opportunity given by Gemba, I am now working in the niche field.

Leveraging my curiosity in technology and Data, I moved from India to Singapore to pursue a master’s degree in Analytics and now I call Sydney my home. Over these years, I have worked with several clients across various domains as a Data Analyst to bridge the gap between their data analysis strategies.

My ideal break for the day is spent either on checking the latest buzz in Sport or finding the next movie/series to watch.


6:30am – Time to get up, go for a short jog and get ready for the office

7:30am – It’s breakfast time, usually my Spinach smoothie and egg-avocado toast

8:30am – Get into the office, have a sneak peek into schedule tasks and sort out emails

9:15am – Daily D&A stand up time, delve into team’s WIP and record my updates

10:00am – Working on either extracting new Data from various source API’s or Data analysis in Big Query. Mornings are mostly for coding and resolving Data issues

12:15pm – Going to a Mexican, Lebanese, or Indian restaurant to grab a spicy lunch

1:00pm – Time to build interactive reports in Power BI

4:00pm – Research work for product development, learning and incorporating new methodologies used in data pipelines or dashboards

5:30pm – Bye-Bye team. Time to wrap up the day and head home

6:30pm – Prepare dinner, catch up with family/friends

8:30pm – Netflix (Stan/prime, etc.) and chill

10:45pm – Off to bed for a good night sleep


Event Manager


Event Manager


Ever Since I can remember, sport has been a massive part of my life. From watching the wallabies with Dad, to early Saturday starts playing netball and touch footy. My passion for rugby has evolved and you’ll now find me on the field playing Women’s Rugby 7s.

As my love for sport and entertainment was in my blood, it was only fitting to dive into a degree of sports and event management at UTS. My experience at Gemba as a vocational placement student was an amazing opportunity to apply these passions and I’m now lucky enough to call myself Gemba’s first ever event executive.

I bring enthusiasm, drive and a smile to the Gemba workplace. If I’m not spending my time playing Rugby 7’s, you’ll find me in the gym or at the beach with my friends!


4:55am – Alarm goes off…. Rise and shine! Heading to f45 to start my morning!

6:10am – Oats on the stove and caffeine time too… be back in 5 after I fix this sweaty mess!

7:00am – Jump on the B-line listening to some Jorja Smith or a podcast I’ve recently gotten into. But today, I’m catching up on a cheeky #MAFS sesh!

8:30am – Arrive at work and file through some emails that have come through overnight, make my to do list… I’m feeling organised!

9:30am – Caffeine hit #2 with my dream manager, Brooke chatting about our priorities for the day, especially because its #EVENTDAY!

10:00am – My to do list has since grown so whilst I action these, I’ll nibble away at the latest kitchen snack

1:30pm – Lunch time, a stroll in the park whilst I finish off my podcast or #MAFS sesh!

2:30pm – Last minute updates to the guest list for tonight’s event – the St.George Pub Design Tour!

4:00pm – Event kit all packed and Uber is ordered… It’s time to meet 70 guests at the Radisson Blu to commence a tour of recently renovated pubs in North Sydney

5:00pm – The B-squared dream team are in action as we rally the troops onto the bus and to Pub #1…

6:15pm – Event is in full swing, Q&A has started, canapes are roving and guests are happy!

7:10pm – Sneak a couple of canapes and then sort the next round of bus logistics. Bus drivers, Rob and Bill are champs!

7:30pm – Confirm we’e left no one behind and then off we go to Pub #2, our final destination for the night

7:45pm – Mic check, canapes check, drinks check, it’s time to hear from a couple of architects about their amazing work

9:00pm – Another successful event complete! Time to pack down and then head home. Uber ordered and oh boy am I excited for bed!

Connect with BIANCA BLAKE


Executive Creative Director


Executive Creative Director


I love making things, and I’m lucky enough to have been hands-on doing stuff in sport & entertainment for more than twenty years. I started out as a designer and art director in adland, then as a writer and director in the TV production world, making TVCs, branded content, animations, docos and even a feature film. Now, I’m still making stuff on a daily basis, and trying to help others to be as creative, passionate and effective as they can.

I came to Gemba to help brands connect with fans through the shared passion of sport & entertainment. As ECD of the Gemba, I try to keep an eye on all our traditional and new media communication creation and amplification. While the entertainment and sponsorship landscape is rapidly evolving, and our unique output with it, I’m stuck in the 80’s waving a hand-knitted brown and gold scarf and screaming obscenities at the nearest screen.


6:05 am – Up and about. Time for a run. What day is it? How far?

7:10am – Breakfast with the family. Compare notes on the day ahead. Be reminded of something important I’ve forgotten.. ie: youngest daughter’s skateboard needs a service

8:00am – Write morning pages. Check email. Write to-do lists. Find random distractions that lead down rabbit holes that could be interpreted as research. Or not

8:30am – Creative Huddle via Teams. What’s on today? Some print to dispatch, an edit to approve and couple of ideas that need tweaking. Oh.. and a shoot with some superstar athletes. You’re late!

9:30am – On set (virtually) with an AFL/NRL/W-League/WBBL star. All hands on deck as we try to squeeze a season’s worth of compelling communications out of a 15 minute player appearance..

10:30am – Coffee and reset. Where’s that to-do list? Let’s go again with the next star athlete. Get some tips on how to improve my leg break. Watch an old highlights reel. Vow to make another comeback to park cricket

12:30pm – Crash the lunchtime quiz. Marvel at the useless pop-culture trivia my brain retains whilst managing to forget the most basic of daily necessities

1:45pm – Creative review. The team present some fresh thinking/ideas/designs/carpet swatches. We bang them around a little; poking, prodding, expanding. Exciting… let’s get them in front of client!

3:20pm – Step away from the machine! Headspace clearing walk/skate/hoop-shoot

4:30pm – Creative regroup (Teams) – Where the hell did that day go? What have we missed?

5:29pm – Change bearings to get the wheels spinning on my daughter’s skateboard a little smoother. Try to get her as intrigued in the basic mechanics as I am. Fail.

7:12pm – I wonder if new wheels on that old deck would make it easier to ollie?


Senior Marketing Consultant


Senior Marketing Consultant


I’m a hungry, curious sports-fanatic who has been lucky to make a career from the business of people’s passion.

I am a flexible thinker who can provide authoritative insight, having spent 6 years in the retail wild lands through university at Rebel Sport, and graduating with a double international studies & law degree, before changing gear and spending the last 7 years in the global world of sports and entertainment marketing.

I was fortunate to have my first role in marketing as a project coordinator for the XXXX Island, and have since moved around the world working with sporting and entertainment behemoths such as FC Barcelona, Lionel Richie, and the Golden State Warriors – I have even been lucky enough to play golf in some of Scotland’s most famous golf courses, including St. Andrews!

I want to be challenged, I want to inspire, and I want to use my curiosity for digging into what makes the world go-round to do work that will unlock future brand success. It is with great excitement I am getting a chance to continue my career in exploring what makes people connect.


5:55am – Alarm. Snooze & Scroll wake up. Check the overnight Prem League results. Check any N.America games I want to catch on Kayo that day

6.15am – I’m up. Puppy duty. Trying to get him puppy pre-school ready, but I am not doing a great job

6:30am – Shoes on. Jump on my bike, I am out the door

7:15am – Arrive to the office. Damn, Condo beat me again. Does the man ever sleep? Quick email scan & red flags for the day. Quick priority list and I am back out for a run around the city

8:00am – At my desk, quick read of the morning headlines. Should I dump my GME stock? Reddit seems to say no, so I hold

8:30am – Its breakfast time. I’m an avo/vegemite man. First Teams chat for the day – reviewing an AFL strategy!

10:30am – Coffee hour. I’ve cleared my morning of any urgent workload

11.30am – Sponsorship planning session with a new client. We talk about brand objectives, their T.A. and priorities for the year. It’s a good chat and we are off to put together a prop

1:30pm – Late lunch, I like to make the afternoon feel short

2:30pm – WIP with Sydney MS team. Priorities set for the week, and team is lock and step for another busy week. I bring chocolate

5:00pm – Last check on days list of priorities. Need to send one more email to follow up on a landscape report we are completing for a key client and then its home time

6:00pm – Ride home on the fixie and puppy play time awaits

7:30pm – Dinner and family hangs

8:30pm – Netflix and chill



General Manager - Gemba Europe


General Manager - Gemba Europe


I love problem solving and psychology, so I’m forever asking “why” questions.  Inevitably this has led me to a career in insights and strategy.  For over a decade I have worked consultancy and client side in the Retail, Sports & Entertainment industries, solving big nutty problems with customer-led analytics and tech solutions.

Together with my family, my big passion is playing and watching sport.  Whether it be football, rugby, tennis, cricket, F1, I love the inevitable rollercoaster of emotions that comes with being a fan.  I love playing racquet sports and have recently become hooked on Padel, which I try to play twice a week.  To be able to combine my professional and personal life by working in sport continues to be a pinch myself moment.

I’m incredibly excited to be part of the industry push towards more high profile and successful Women’s sporting calendar, as well as diving deep into ensuring we successfully baton pass sports participation and engagement onto Gen Z and Gen Alpha.

My role at Gemba Europe is to ensure our partner clients receive best in class work across our data, insights and advisory projects, as well as making sure our business is operationally set up for success.


6:00am – Alarm goes off.  Scramble around trying to turn it off before it wakes up my two toddlers. Get up and enjoy a quiet cup of tea to myself whilst flicking through overnight emails from Condo and the team in Australia. Realise it’s my turn to do the kids school and nursery drop off so quickly get changed and brace for impact.

7:00am – Morning bedlam begins as I hear the inevitable “it’s wakey time, can we come downstairs?!” from the kids. Hurtle at 100mph through breakfast, 3 rounds of “The Pizza Game: and 1 Paw Patrol, before managing to get the kids dressed and out of the door.

9:00am – Regain my composure on the way into work. Enjoy listening to the latest Unofficial Partner podcast, and check and re-check whether Man Utd could yet have an outside shot at the title.

10:00am – Start my day chatting to Gemba and Turnstile teams about current and future opportunities. Try my best not to appear too over-excited about the number of potential Padel projects on the horizon.

11:00am – Meet another brilliant client-side connection to add to my network in the industry. Their passion, energy and ideas remind me just how much I love working in sport & entertainment.

12:30pm – Create a presentation for a potential client showcasing Gemba’s capabilities and case studies.

3:00pm – Speak to a potential candidate who is interested in joining Gemba in our London office.

4:30pm – Chat to Rob and Nic about our respective days. Try and fail to remember to only say Padel once every 3 sentences.

6:00pm – Head home to do the kids bath and bedtime. Confirm that working in Paddington means I enjoyed my regular marmalade sandwich with Paddington bear today.

7:30pm – Play Padel with my husband and love every minute of it.


Operations Coordinator


Operations Coordinator


Growing up as the only Victorian in a family full of New South Welshman, didn’t really allow much choice but to love Rugby League. I’ve lived and breathed any kind of sport from Rugby League to Soccer, Cricket, Netball, and everything else in between for as long as I can remember.

Over the years I have been able to transform my love and passion for sport from being a fan, into study, work, and placement opportunities to help me chase a career in the industry I’m so very passionate about.

Away from work, you’ll find me relaxing with a good book, replay of the latest sporting match or a podcast to help me reset and recharge.


6:10am – Wake up to my blaring alarm that is way too loud in order to avoid a classic ‘sleeping through the alarm’ situation

6:50am – Out the house and to the train station to grab a good parking spot that’s less than a 15-minute walk away

8:15am – Arrive at work, drop my bag and laptop, then off to grab a hot choc or chai to start my day

9:00am – Morning check in where coffee, hot choc or chai is always welcome

12:30pm – Off to grab some lunch

1:30pm – Back into the unpredictable ride that is operations coordinating for the rest of the day, from running around the office grabbing equipment, calling IT to solve any urgent issues, to editing documents and processes, but most importantly, making sure our chocolate stash is always restocked and ready to go

5:00pm – Check in on any last-minute issues that may have arisen towards the end of the day to make sure any problems are tackled and hopefully solved before tomorrow

5:30pm – Before I finish up, I make sure to start on my to-do list for the next day to ensure nothing is forgotten and I’m prepared for the next morning. Then it’s a nice stroll back to Flinders Street for the train home.

6:30pm – Time to catch up on any sports matches I may have missed from the weekend or previous night’s whilst I enjoy some dinner

9:30pm – Off to bed for an early night



Head of Client and Creative Services


Head of Client and Creative Services


I’ve always loved sport and entertainment. I was brought up on the game they play in heaven, but more recently have been fed a healthy diet of AFL. I now understand the reference “Leo Barry, you star!” and have done a campaign with him too! In my younger years I represented New Zealand at two Lacrosse World Cups. To unwind, I love a good rom-com.

After ten years in advertising, I saw the light and moved into sport and entertainment. As Head of Client and Creative Services, I’m responsible for developing our comms go-to-market offer, building our client base and ensuring the Account Management and Creative teams deliver work of a consistently high standard to our amazing clients. It might be clichéd, but I love my job!


8:00am – Breakfast with one of my team, Zoe. A semi-regular check in to see how she’s going – we chat about her clients, projects, career development, and life in general

9:15am – Check out some sponsorship websites, Activative and what’s happening on Twitter. I try to think of something interesting to post…

10:00am – Time for a discovery meeting with a big client. I want to pick their brain on what work we could be doing for them in the social or PR space for a business case i’m exploring

12:00pm – Still can’t think of anything for Twitter. How does Condo do it?

1:00pm – Drop in to Keegan’s Sanitarium cricket shoot. Our creative team have managed to sell in a really fun idea that is going to get messy on set…

3:00pm – Probably not the best time to tackle reading all the board documents for the upcoming meeting, but I raid the chocolate stash to get through it

4:15pm – Quick chat with Vicki (P&C) about learning and development needs for the team. We agree that some strategic planning and leadership courses are a priority

5:40pm – On the way home, still lacking inspiration for a tweet, I retweet Condo’s tweet from today. Bit of a cop out

7:20pm – Social netball. Despite it being non-competitive (ha!), I’m pleased when we crush the other team



Senior Account Manager


Senior Account Manager


Born and bred in Wellington, New Zealand sport has always been an integral part of my life.

It was that passion that drove me towards the sport and entertainment industry after leaving university and I’ve been fortunate to have had a real mix of experiences since then. After completing my studies I joined New Zealand’s Ministry of Sport, Sport NZ where I spent two years soaking up valuable experience at Government level.

I then spent time at American Insurance Group (AIG) activating their long standing partnership with the All Blacks. I then joined adidas where I led all of the sports marketing activity in the New Zealand market.

Unsurprisingly outside of work, I spend most of my time playing or watching sport. Hockey, tennis and running keep me active and the Formula 1, NBA and NFL keep me entertained from the couch.


5:30am – Wake up, hydrate, stretch, exercise, mediate, hydrate some more…

6:00am – Actually wake up and come to terms with the fact I haven’t done any of the above

6:30am – Begin the trek in from Reservoir which in Melbourne terms feels like north of the wall

7:30am – Grab a coffee, arrive at the office and start planning out the day’s priorities

8:00am – Respond to any urgent client requests, a mix of Toyota, Macca’s, Adidas and TAC

9:00am – Meetings usually fill up most of the morning calendar

10:00am – WIP or informal touch base with our Senior Account Director, Lauren on important topics, valuable minutes in the day

12:00pm – Lunch, often bought, rarely brought

1:00pm – Progress projects, prioritising the urgent client tasks

5:00pm – Start positioning tomorrow, fill in timesheet and ignore the forever pending gym membership

6:00pm – Head to Flinders and start the journey home, usually supported by a New Zealand playlist as a reminder of home


Senior Insights Consultant


Senior Insights Consultant


After graduating with an Arts degree from the University of Melbourne, I did what any respectable Arts student would do – take the first professional job they are offered! I found myself in the research and insights industry where my appreciation for data-driven decision making has grown into a passion. I’ve worked with clients across multiple sectors including all levels of government, industry and business, helping them make effective strategic decisions.

Combining my career with my passion for sport has long been a dream and I am lucky that Gemba has made it a reality. While you won’t find me on a football field anymore, you will definitely find me playing competitive basketball or golf with friends. If you can’t catch me there, it’s probably because I’m glued to the TV watching AFL or the NBA (unless it’s that awful one month period when neither is on!).


6:15am – Up for an at-home workout to try and start the day right!

7:45am – Head off to work with an NBA podcast ready to go

8:30am – Arrive at work, check emails and figure out how best to attack the day. Looks like I have a few surprise meetings that Goodie has put through over the weekend!

9:15am – Catch up with the rest of the Insights team in Melbourne and Sydney to see what everyone has on

11:00am – Current project work. Check in on any surveys we have running through Qualtrics. All is tracking nicely, no need to panic

12:30pm – Lunchtime with the team where we discuss off-court NBA drama and continue to debate the sport most suited to an office team. Looks like touch rugby is on the cards today

1:30pm – Quick practice on the office mini hoop (still can’t hit a shot from where my desk is) and then off to a prospective client meeting to chat through a project brief

2:30pm – Post client meeting with the team to work out our strategy to deliver a killer research and insights program

4:30pm – Check off some strategic initiatives work to keep things ticking over. Look at our Proprietary data to see if there are any emerging trends worth noting

5:45pm – Time to head home to change and have a snack before heading to basketball. Hopefully we can top the day off with a win!


Account Manager


Account Manager


Sport was my number one growing up. I remember being on the edge of my seat with my dad and still am to this day whenever we watch the Sydney Roosters. Playing sport has always been just as important to me. I remember waking up on Saturdays, pulling the curtains back and hoping that Cricket would still be on.

I studied Event & Sport Management at Torrens University and from this experience, I knew I wanted to have a career in the sports industry. I have been very lucky to have some great experiences in this industry so far and I’m glad from this it has led me to working with an amazing team at Gemba.

In my down time, I enjoy trying new restaurants & cafes, swimming, running, watching sport and spending time with family and friends.


6:00am – Wake Up and out the door for a quick run, biggest challenge is what playlist will motivate me!

7:30am – On the train into work

8:30am – Grab a coffee from the café downstairs, sit down look at the meetings and emails and see how everyone’s weekends were!

9:00am – We have our business wide Monday Morning WIP and this week it’s Data & Analytics presentation alongside a few Gembaversaries

9:30am – Jumping straight into the Account Management & Creative WIP where we overview projects that are upcoming & ongoing in the week ahead

10:00am – We have a supplier to go through an idea for Maccas to activate during the NRL & AFL Season, working out the nuts & bolts of how we will execute this campaign

11:00am – Working on the ticketing management for Coca-Cola for the FIFA Women’s World Cup with impending deadlines so everyone can watch an amazing world cup!

12:00pm – HCF are one of our new clients where we work with them on activating Suncorp Super Netball, meaning it’s a presentation from Creative today around some of the big screen assets

1:00pm – Weekly WIP with Transport for NSW where we work on pulling together a report on previous work we have completed with New South Wales Rugby League – Knock On Effect

1:45pm – Lunch Time, whatever is leftovers in the fridge from the night before is consumed.

2:30pm – Working through the McDonalds season activation plan off the back of the meeting earlier in the day, have debrief session with the team and working through the information

3:00pm – McDonalds team in NSW have asked us to manage & produce a photoshoot to accompany a contract extension with some NRL clubs. Working through a brief to provide to our Creative team for help on the shoot

4:00pm – On call with McDonalds and discussing the creative presentation of ideas for NRL & AFL for the season ahead. Commercials and socials are just some things that were discussed

4:45pm – We have just got a new Barista machine and everyone is trying out their Barista making skills – fair to say mine are ok but still average…

5:30pm – Check the last few emails, submit timesheet and time to head home

6:30pm – Back home and start preparing dinner with family

8:00pm – Sit back and start to watch the new season of Drive to Survive and it starts hitting home that Daniel Ricciardo won’t race next year, just won’t be the same…


People and Culture Manager


People and Culture Manager


I am what you call a third culture kid; Born in Mumbai, India and raised in Dubai; I have now made the lovely city of Melbourne my home for the past 10 years. I like to believe that I have taken the best parts of each of these cultures and developed my unique personality over the years. I enjoy everything fast paced and vibrant hence why a career in the Sports and Entertainment industry might just be my true calling!

With a degree in Human Resources and Public Relations I hope to grow in the world of People & Culture to really make an impact in the life of every employee that I work with.

When I am not at work, I usually am consuming stories through Movies, Podcasts & Books. And finally, I live to eat!! Cook it, Order It, Watch it on TV all leads to my undying love for everything FOOD!


6:20am – Wake up to realise Noodle the Cavoodle has made his way onto the bed at some point in the night

7:00am – Out the door, In the Car, Podcast on and hope to all the God’s that the traffic into the city is not too bad today

8:00am – Calendar and To Do List check and answer emails that have come through overnight from the Turnstile team

9:15am – Huddle with the lovely Cat before we get into the day

10:00am – Coffee time, maybe make a vegemite toast as well

10:15am – Mornings are for recruitment! Organise applications that have come through to the Careers Inbox and organise interviews for the teams

12 pm – Lunch with the team in the Sunken Lounge (forgotten to bring lunch from home again so it’s going to have to be a Poke bowl!)

1:00pm – 6 weeks check in with a new Gembie as they get settled in

2:00pm – Work on the P&C Metrics ahead of the Leadership Meeting and get it out to Paula for final checks

3:00pm – Afternoons are for focus work! Today we are updating the Flexibility Policy in line with new legislature

5:00pm – Weekly WIP with Rob

6:00pm – Out the door, In the Car, Podcast on and hope to make it to Pilates on time


Management Accountant


Management Accountant


I’m lucky to be part of a very exclusive club of ‘Gemba-returnees’, I ‘pulled a Condo’ and seized the opportunity to come back to Gemba! It’s great to be back with some familiar faces, many new ones and my old desk where I left it; right in the path of the office football field.

With over fourteen years finance experience in a variety of industries ranging from film distribution to medical centers, I am currently Gemba’s Management Accountant. Having returned from a year of maternity leave, I now work part time, three days per week.


7:00am – Alarm goes off, followed by hitting the snooze button over and over and over again; I am not a morning person

7:45am – Wake up my toddler, have a cuddle, then start chasing him around the house to get him dressed for childcare

9:00am – Arrive at Gemba, fill up my water bottle, check my inbox and catch up with Paula and Jenn about our fav TV shows we watched over the weekend

9:30am – JCRs! Is it sad that I look forward to these?

12:30pm – Go for a stroll to get lunch

1:00pm – Spend the rest of the day working on month end stuff

5:30pm – Time to go home and spend some time with my baby boy!


Senior Data Analyst


Senior Data Analyst


At school I was a jock-nerd hybrid: in love with sport, but (secretly) into maths.

Sport prevailed during uni and early career. I cut my teeth as a sport scientist with pro clubs in AFL and football (the round-ball game). But it wasn’t long before maths made a triumphant return. A natural affinity for numbers drove me into data analytics, while continuing to work in sport meant I got the best of both worlds. I now have the privilege of delivering data solutions for high-performing teams.

My interests include endurance running, watching football, public speaking, philosophy, reading books, and golf. Thank goodness I am a much better husband and father than I am a golfer.
















5:00am – Rise before the sun (first win of the day). Start the morning with exercise, a fresh fruit smoothie, meditation, and a tea – the calm before the storm

6:30am – Leave home for work. Time to read a book on the train in

8:00am – Arrive at the office, fill up the water bottle, and plan the day ahead. Attempt to complete at least one item on the to-do list before morning meetings

9:00am – Long black, Data & Analytics team stand-up, then some data engineering and dashboard building to finish off the morning

12:00pm – Lunch while catching up with fellow Gembies

1:00pm – Meet with clients to talk dirty data

3:00pm – Wrangle more data. Now it’s time to clear the email inbox

5:30pm – Depart the office. Journal and reflect on the day during the train ride home

7:00pm – Go for a run, dinner and chats with the family, shower, and bed

Connect with GEORGE WEHBE


Mid-Weight Graphic Designer


Mid-Weight Graphic Designer


Up until starting at Gemba I had been exclusively – and happily – freelancing as a Graphic Designer. After only a short stint in the Gemba creative team, the awesome culture quickly lured me into accepting a full-time position. It just so happens we get to work on some pretty cool stuff too. I’m grateful to be working in an industry that gives me the opportunity to be constantly learning and evolving.

I love to be entertained. My interests range from indie psychological thrillers to a new star studded Netflix original. Xbox to PC gaming, FPS to arcade games. A phone full of apps, streaming platforms, playlists, and e-books means it’s all easily accessed from anywhere – most importantly my morning commute!


6:00am – Snooze. A cautionary alarm (or 4) lets me know that my real alarm is coming soon

7:00am – I’ve made it out of the house. Jeanie and I exchange dollar dollar bills for caffeine, and then I start my commute

8:30am – Huddle, prioritising, coffee round 2. I get to work on anything I promised would get out the door first thing

12:3 pm – I do stuff

2:00pm – I got distracted and eat lunch late

3:00pm – I do more stuff

6:00pm – I start the long and busy commute back home


Creative Studio Assistant


Creative Studio Assistant


Growing up I gravitated toward any sport that involved as little hand eye coordination as possible, this is where I found my love for skiing, gymnastics, and rock climbing.

My passion for gymnastics kickstarted my career in coaching, which I have done for the last 12 years across three clubs. This led me to taking on the role of Gymnastics Program Coordinator at Boroondara Sports Complex, which I undertook during my final year of my Advertising degree.

As a classic Melbourne girl, I adore everything food and wine, a typical weekend includes a smashed avo brunch. When I’m not at brunch you’ll find me in the gym, relaxing with a good book (yes, the paper variety) or the latest Netflix show.


6:00am – Rise and shine (aka slowly meander out of bed)

7:30am – Out the door and onto the bus with an iced long black in hand

8:15am – Pick up an almond latte from the coffee shop downstairs before heading into the office

8:30am – Creative Team Huddle

9:00am – Time to sort through the Creative Scheduler email inbox and schedule any requested meetings

11:00am – WIP with the Production Team

12:30pm – Lunch time! Coffee number three mixed it up and got an iced almond latte

1:30pm – Back to work…

3:00pm – Afternoon brain slump means time for coffee number four (I’m working on my caffeine addiction I promise!)

5:30pm – Knock off, time to madly rush to the bus and hope I don’t miss it again

7:00pm – Gym, gotta work on those gains

11:00pm – Bedtime, grab my book and accidentally read till the early hours of the morning


Account Manager


Account Manager


My love for sport started from the earliest of ages when Dad would spend hours in the backyard either playing cricket or kicking the footy with me. Currently still playing cricket and footy locally, I love catching up with mates and getting some exercise in. Having supported the mighty Melbourne Demons for my whole life, I’d say that resilience is one of my greatest strengths!

I studied Business Marketing at RMIT and it soon became an area I was extremely passionate about. I’ve been lucky enough to combine my love for meeting people with sport in past client-facing roles which has led me to Gemba.

Around work, I’ll be playing or watching sport, running along the beach or catching up with family and friends.


6:15am – Out the door for a run to start the day heading along the beach watching the sunrise

7:15am – Have my standard four Weetbix with a sprinkle of Sultana Bran on top. I know, a bit odd!

8:00am – In at work to get a head start on the day. See what meetings are scheduled and fill up the water bottle!

9:00am – Catch up with the Account Management team to discuss the priorities for the day and any interesting shows/podcasts people are listening to

10:00am – We’re head deep into Olympics with the Toyota team discussing upcoming events and how good the Aussies were in yesterday’s races

12:30pm – Lunch time. Where’d the morning go? Great to time to chat with the other teams over last night’s leftovers

1:00pm – Power through some emails and check out the latest Good for Footy Raffle fundraising numbers

3:00pm – Grab a cup of tea from the kitchen to give me that added boost heading into the final couple of hours

6:00pm – Off to footy training to blow off some steam and kick numerous amounts of balls from impossible angles in the hope that 1 in 20 go in


Senior Data Analyst


Senior Data Analyst


Growing up in country Victoria, sport was everything. With a dual degree in Commerce and Exercise Science, my passion for football and numbers led me to a decade long stint at the Brisbane Lions as a Football & Opposition Analyst. Spending close to 200 games in an AFL coaches’ box, I loved generating data and tactical insights to aid decision making and improve team performance.

Building relationships, problem solving and delivering data solutions is what I love most, and you’ll find me automating workflows, building dashboards and conveying insights on the daily.

Outside of Gemba, I’m either chasing around our energetic toddler, spending time with family and friends, or down at my local footy club coaching the forwards.


5:30am – It’s either the alarm or our 20-month-old that gets me going… Time to get up and build some Lego trains!

7:00am – On the train to the office, planning out the day ahead and getting a start on some high priority items

8:30am – Grab a coffee with the crew as we hunt for the best café near our new Melbourne office

9:15am – Daily WIP meeting with the Data & Analytics team. Plenty of interesting work going on!

10:00am – Call with the Insights team to discuss a Supercars dashboard build. Meet with Bhupesh afterwards to finish our data pipeline build and create our Power BI dashboard model

12:00pm – Leftovers for lunch… although tempted by the $6 baguettes the Strategy team have just brought in!

1:00pm – Meeting with the MCC to chat ticketing and attendance dashboards. Finish building a series of SQL scripts to extract ticketing data for historic MCG events. Coordinate with Jess to produce insight slides ahead of our project update next week

3:30pm – Call with George to discuss progress on some exciting data products on the horizon as well as plan out content for an upcoming client meeting

5:00pm – Clean up emails, update our D&A Kanban and plan out the next day. Hamish & Andy podcast on the commute home to end the day with a laugh

6:00pm – It’s either off to footy training, or dinner/bath/bed routine with our little man (my favourite part of the day)

8:00pm – Netflix or Binge with my wife to wind down before bed


Senior Account Manager


Senior Account Manager


Sport has alway been a huge part of my life. As a kid growing up in Melbourne, it was always a chaotic weekly schedule of netball, tennis, going to the footy on the weekend with family. I’m thrilled I have been able to turn this passion into a career I am very proud of and continue to develop globally.

From being a publicity assistant at the Australian Open, to working on the WTA Tour and travelling globally with the best athletes in the world, I’m constantly inspired by the infinite ways that sport and entertainment can connect and excite.

I have a Bachelor in Public Relations from RMIT Melbourne, and I have been lucky enough to work in London, China and Australia.


6:15am – Alarm goes off. Rise and Shine

6:36am – Snooze off, let’s try that rise and shine again!

7:30am – Out the door and to the station, slightly delayed by saying goodbye to the dog (Billy, the Cocker Spaniel). I pop on the latest F1 podcast to catch up on the latest race news for the daily commute into the Gemba office

8:15am – Arrive at the office, coffee in hand and consult the pre-prepared daily to-do list from the day before. Check the calendar and schedule myself some focus time to ensure all tasks are completed throughout the day

9:00am – Time for the Monday Morning Meeting! This is such a great way to start the week with Melbourne and Sydney getting together to share recent projects, insights and updates from the various Gemba departments

10:00am – Check in with the amazing Gemba Creative team to discuss current projects and feedback from Clients

10:30am – Time to check in with Toyota, one of Gemba’s biggest clients on all things AFL. The agenda can include anything from key updates on the latest MCG activation, stats on the amazing Good for Footy Raffle and looking ahead to the AFL Finals

11:30am – New artwork just in from Gemba Creative, time to send to Client!

11:35am – Time for some tunes. A chorus of “Hey Google, play … on Spotify” chimes in from around the office as we battle for control of the office speakers. We usually land somewhere between 90’s R&B and Crowded House

12:00pm – Update the AFL Major Campaign budget for Toyota, forecasting any updating costs and reconciling the month just gone. Good opportunity to check with the campaign timeline, and various WIP documents whilst I’m at it

1:30pm – Edit the deck for a client presentation which has been reviewed by our Senior Account Director ready to go for tomorrow morning

2:00pm – WIP with Account Manager getting the updates on the latest from Toyota’s sponsorship of Motorsport as we work on the launch of the Toyota Gazoo Racing 86 Series

3:00pm – Catch up with AFL to discuss the latest updates from Toyota and collaborate on the upcoming community initiatives to celebrate volunteers in footy

3:30pm – Touch base with Marketing Strategy to discuss the upcoming sustainability campaign for Toyota. Such an interesting field for sponsorship at the moment, can’t wait to hear their thoughts on how Toyota can make an impact

5:30pm – Clear the inbox and check the calendar ahead of tomorrow. Double check I have a room booked for the client presentation before a final run-through

6:00pm – That’s stumps! Time to head to tennis and get active to finish the day!


Data Analyst


Data Analyst


After spending most of my life in Perth, I relocated to Melbourne in 2018 to complete the late stages of my Master of Data Science. My fledgling career began at IBM Australia, where I solidified my core computer science skillset. I have since followed my passions and transitioned to sports consulting, where I leverage my data science background to grow the brand and prosperity of our clients.

In the future, I aspire to utilise my analytical expertise to continue to drive women’s sport to parity with the men’s codes. From a personal standpoint – running has been a constant throughout my life. While I still partake in competitive athletics, I now tend to lean more into the lessons, habits, and relationships that the daily grind of training gives me.


5:30am – Alarm goes off and after a quick caffeine hit, I’m out the door for a 15-20km run along the beautiful bayside coast line

7:00am – Refuel with a BIG breakfast, feed the puppy, shower, and get dressed

8:00am – Jump on the train to head into the city for work

9:00am – Arrive at the office, grab a coffee and snack from my favourite vegan café

9:15am – Morning meeting with the Data and Analytics team, discuss what we are working on for the day ahead

10:00am – Get stuck into some Python coding to build a machine learning model to predict crowd attendances

12:30pm – Stroll down to the Vietnamese restaurant to get a big plate of veggies, tofu and rice

1:30pm – Run some SQL queries to analyse the data from the latest AFL matches at the MCG

3:00pm – A quick snack to get through the afternoon slump while I design/build the current Power BI dashboard I’m working on

5:30pm – Update my timesheet and plan out tomorrows day

6:30pm – Head to the gym for either a heavy weights sesh or yoga and stretch

8:00pm – Dinner and cuddles with my furbaby

8:30pm – Wind down with a new show on Netflix or stick to my go to… The Simpsons

10:00pm – zzzz


Insights Consultant


Insights Consultant


After finishing a double degree in Law and Commerce at the University of Wollongong I decided I’d had enough of law and wanted to go into market research. Over the past few years I’ve really enjoyed building up skills in interpreting and communicating data at all levels, and helping clients better understand their market.

Combining my experience in market research with my passion for sport and entertainment was something I’d always been interested in doing, and I’m thrilled Gemba has provided me with the opportunity to do so.

In my spare time you’ll find me training at my local powerlifting gym, practicing guitar or following along with the latest scores and stats across Cricket, the NBA and Formula 1.


6:00am – Alarm goes off, time for coffee #1 (long black) and checking the news before a drive to the station and jumping on the from Sutherland to Central

8:00am – Arrive at the Gemba office. I’ve been beaten by a couple of other early risers. Plan out my 5 major tasks for the day. Tempted to make it 6 but I’m not sure I can deal with that kind of responsibility

8:30am – Review a proposal and ruthlessly correct spelling mistakes

9:00am – Monday Morning Meeting with the Gemba team, followed by the Insights WIP. Mandatory 5 minutes per meeting to deal with technical difficulties

10:00am – Coffee #2 (small cap), working on a piece of bespoke research for the strategy guys in Melbourne to present

12:00pm – Get a call from a client. Can we get a survey in field in three days? After a chat with Condo, calls with fieldwork providers and guidance from Dan, we get the go-ahead

1:00pm – Lunch in the break room with the NBA on in the background. It’s Warriors vs Pelicans. No surprises who’s winning…

1:30pm – Start scripting the questionnaire for that survey. Google SUV models to include in one of the questions and get distracted by F1 stats from the Melbourne GP yesterday

2:00pm – Back on track. Work with Vinny on a small slide deck for a client

3:00pm – Back onto that bespoke research. Have a chocolate and plug in to some metal to prevent the afternoon slump

5:30pm – Time to start wrapping up – send off a few emails, say bye to the team and head home

7:00pm – Quick dinner before heading to the gym for deadlift night. A nice way to clear my head after a big day!

Connect with JOHN RIGA


Creative Director


Creative Director


I’ve been lucky enough to be able to blend passions with work. I’m a keen sailor, cyclist, swimmer, traveller, and cook. I love being outdoors, listening to podcasts, all things biohacking, and walking the dog. So ending up in Sport, Entertainment and Culture has been a great fit.

Starting in design, polishing skills overseas in London working in branding, advertising and sport partnerships, and finally rounding things off in recent years specialising in Sport and Entertainment has been the journey. Being able to create unique experiences for fans that generously reward their passions in Sport and Entertainment, is my why.


And what a wonderful life it is

7:00am – Leisurely swim with the sharks in Bondi

7:24am – Coffee

8:37am – Arrive at office, get another coffee

9:00am – John monologue (give Nick a call for side chat)

9:30am – Feet up at desk

10:00am – Brief designers to do my crappy scamps

10:10am – Read the paper

12:00pm – My go to Lunch order: 4 beef patties from Maccas

12:59pm – Turn on the swans game replay

2:00pm – More slacking off

3:00pm – Snooze in the sunroom

3:53pm –  Footy tips

4:21pm – NRL tipping

4:48pm – Knock off early (great day of work)


Mid-Weight Graphic Designer


Mid-Weight Graphic Designer


Despite multiple lockdowns and online learning, and a bit of a caffeine addiction, I managed to complete my Bachelor degree at RMIT. I was inspired by my VisCom teacher to pursue design and my passion continues to grow every day. I have a hands-on approach to my design work and am always developing my skills and knowledge.

During school I loved to get involved in almost every extra curricular activity, from team sports to musical productions. I play indoor beach and hard court volleyball and I absolutely love the sport. As someone who hates going to the gym, it’s a fun and social way for me to stay active and be involved in my community.


6:30am – Alarm goes off and I choose to ignore it for the next 20 minutes

7:20am – Decide if I should make my own coffee or pay too much for one from the local cafe

7:40am – Drive to work while pumping some tunes to start the day

8:15am – Get to work and stop myself from buying an almond croissant

8:30am – Creative huddle to figure out what I’m actually doing that day

9:00am – Get started, working on the most important stuff first

1:00pm – Have lunch with some other Gembies. Did I make my own lunch? Probably not

2:00pm – Back to work, knocking down jobs

5:30pm – Leaving work and dreading the crazy amount of traffic, but still singing along to my favourite songs in the car

7:00pm – Get home and eat. I’m always starving by the time I get home

7:30pm – Wind down and binge some tv shows (most often ones I’ve already seen)

9:30pm – Bedtime

Connect with JULIA MANCUSO


Management Accountant


Management Accountant


Born and bred in Melbourne, I’ve spent the majority of my 20+ year career in the world of advertising and media. I started out in a couple of smaller agencies and have also worked in a large global business.  I enjoy the energy and ever-changing dynamics working in this industry can bring.

When I’m not crunching numbers, I love to be entertained, whether it be at a live theatre performance, concert or at the cinema.  I also love to lose myself in a great book, spend time with family and friends and manage the Instagram page of my naughty yet adorable cavoodle named Scout!


6:00am – Alarm goes off, hit snooze at least twice before dragging myself out of bed to walk my dog Scout

7:30am – Time to get ready and out the door to the office!  Listen to either music, crime podcast or audiobook on my commute

9:00am – Review emails over a Chai, plan to-do list for the day/week ahead

9:30am – Finance Team WIP to prioritise tasks for the week

10:00am – Finance-y stuff!  Process payroll for the past fortnight, answer team queries, raise client invoices, set up new Gembies in Pegasus

12:30pm – Time for lunch, hopefully a walk around the block if the weather is good!

1:30pm – More finance-y stuff!  Prepare sales pipeline for the team, complete balance sheet recs and other month end tasks

3:30pm – Time for an afternoon cuppa and a quick chat before smashing out the last couple of hours for the day

6:00pm – Time for the commute home – phew!  Another day done!


Junior Art Director


Junior Art Director


I was born in Sydney, then over the last 27 odd years moved to Adelaide, Perth, Canada, Melbourne & Japan – and now back to Sydney.

Other than living out of a suitcase and relying on Google Maps to get everywhere, I love music, reading, the snow, the beach and chess.

I have also been known to accidentally watch 15+ hours of AFL in a singular weekend – but life is about balance, so I don’t often lead with that.


5.50am – Aggressive alarm. 5 minutes to cry in the shower then off to my reformer pilates class. Pump it (louder).

7.30am – Home from gym. Shower, eat, clothe myself, serenaded by Hamish & Andy poddy.

8.27am – Begin the perilous voyage to work.

8.30am – Arrive at work. Complain about the long walk to anyone who will listen.

8.35am – Call Julia to ask how to log into my MacBook.

9.00am – Creative huddle. Issy bossing me around with my tasks for the day – smile and wave.

9.30am – Work time. Could be anything from drawing, to writing, to ideation, to googling cricket balls for 3 hours.

11.00am – Time for my extra hot decaf oat 3/4 flat white with honey, cinnamon and 2 pink marshmallows.

12:30pm – Lunch time – feeding the pigeons my crusts in the park.

1:30pm – Back at it again with the white vans. Knocking off afternoon tasks for the day. Ally usually pestering with unreasonable deadlines.

3.30pm – Selfies in the bathroom with John.

5.25pm – Definitely remember to do my timesheets.

5.45pm – Uber home.


Senior Account Director


Senior Account Director


I have had the privilege to work in the industry I love for over 10 years which has taken me to some amazing places.

From starting my career stuffing membership renewal forms into envelopes in the back office of the Wests Tigers, to managing one of Europe’s biggest football sponsorships – Mastercard’s UEFA Champions League partnership.

I believe in the connective and inclusive power of sport and the joy it brings to people’s lives. That is why I love what I do and will always work in sport.


The great thing about Gemba is every day is different! Transitioning back to office life with a mix of WFH means routine is a little bit hard to nail down but being dynamic is a huge part of this job so keeps me on my toes. Generally, a day might go a little like this:

MORNING: Up before the sun, my favourite Melbourne bean Wide Open Road thrown in the moka pot and usually accompanied by a side of vegemite toast. Pending post-work activity, I will then either drive in or jump on the no.5 tram down St Kilda Road.

OFFICE: Big booming good morning to the crew, a lil chit-chat then its head down and into the day. Whilst I have a great desk in our office, I am often found rotating from meeting to meeting and spend least of my time here, however, in between I don’t mind a cheeky coffee run (round 2) or sushi lunch with the team. Managing Toyota, one of Gemba’s biggest clients, keeps me very busy and discussing multiple different priorities across various sports all day which I love! An AFL Premiership launch event, to a post-Ashes cricket wrap up, to a Supercars season strategy and a side of country music vibes planning for the upcoming Tamworth Country Music Festival.

The meetings usually consist of WIPs with my direct team, a client meeting here and there, potentially a new business pitch KO and creative briefing or check-in. Desk time is focus time, get into my emails, working through top-level account admin for Toyota and often fielding questions from the team as I am finally back at my desk for the day. I have also been known to take-over the office speaker pumping an eclectic mix of tunes from the old school vibes of ELO and Bowie through to some OG 90’s hip-hop. I also don’t stray away from some office banter and hoops comp (the mini NBA nets on the wall get a good run on a Friday arvo).

END OF DAY: When achievable, I love to get to the gym for a reformer pilates or yoga class, on other days though it’s a late finish and a stop-in at the IGA downstairs to grab a My Muscle Chef classic (chicken and cauliflower bake is 10/10). I moved to Melbourne to take this job so I also love ticking off the list yet another amazing Melbourne restaurant with mates. If a Friday, definitely hitting a pub with the team for a few post work pints!


Insights Consultant


Insights Consultant


Growing up in South London not far from Wimbledon, I’ve always been mad about sport. I’ll try my hand at pretty much anything, but football and tennis have always been my favourites. Naturally this led me to hold three roles at Wimbledon when I was younger, from ballboy to waiter to court attendant.

Having always loved problem-solving, I studied for a degree in Natural Sciences, but realising I wasn’t cut out for a life in the lab, I turned my attention to analytics. Prior to moving to Sydney, I spent three years working for a sports consultancy, working with the likes of Premier League and ICC on a wide range of projects.

Joining Gemba felt like a no-brainer to continue combining my love of sports and insights.


7:00am – Wake up and immediately check the overnight football scores, hoping for an end to Chelsea’s dire run of form. No surprise to see another 1-0 home defeat to relegation-threatened opposition..

7:30am – Quick smoothie and off to work. Spend the bus journey listening to a podcast and searching for a decent bike to avoid having to get the bus again

8:15am – Start the day off right with a Yorkshire brew while I check through emails and complete timesheets

9:30am – Head for the Insights stand up with the latest bad joke. No match for Tushar of course

10:00am – Amend the AFL draft survey with a new batch of feedback from the client and brands

10:30am – Disturb the office with an inability to froth milk properly, before finalising the survey and sending it back for confirmation

11:00am – Work with Tushar to add the finishing touches to a bespoke Fan Attendance research deck

1:00pm – Chat to the team about the Australian batting deficiencies while having leftovers from yesterday’s dinner, likely yaki soba

1:30pm – Bring back the old school revision playlist (lyric-less soundtracks) to accompany me through a session of sponsorship effectiveness

2:30pm – Second bout of noisy coffee making. Machine must be broken…

3:00pm – One brand down, one more to go before I head home

5:30pm – Begrudgingly walk to the bus stop for another painstakingly slow journey

7:00pm – Poke bowl for dinner then off to the local pub quiz where we’re guaranteed to come last as half the questions are on Aussie culture. Still, at least we won a fan that plugs into your phone…



Head of Strategy, Data & Analytics


Head of Strategy, Data & Analytics


I grew up obsessed with sport and thought I’d one day don the boots for the mighty Pies or open the bowling for Australia. When I realised that wasn’t going to happen working in sport was the next best thing.

I started my career at the AFL where I spent four years before pursuing a career in management consulting. Five years later my passion for sport led me to a strategy role at Racing Victoria where I spent six years, later becoming General Manager Strategy looking after strategy, projects and data & analytics. I worked on major projects such as, Racing Photos and The All-Star Mile.

After a stint at a boutique management consultancy leading various data strategy projects, I joined Gemba to help establish the Data & Analytics division. This was an exciting opportunity to combine my strategy consulting, data and sport experience to work with the biggest brands in sport and entertainment.

Outside of work my passions are my family, renovating and keeping fit in the gym and on the bike.


6:00am – Wake up and procrastinate whether I should go to the gym or not….ok gym it is!

7:00am – Crazy hour….get kids ready, school/kinder/childcare drop off (realise I left a school bag at home…damn)

8:00am – Sales Meeting to talk about budgets and pipeline…Hodgie killing it again

8:30am – All staff Monday Morning Meeting – Creative team presents on a cool TV ad campaign they’ve done for Toyota and AFL….I realise I don’t have a creative bone in my body

9:00am – Dial into the strategy daily stand up with the team to discuss the weekend of sport and then priorities for the day

9:30am – Data & Analytics Sprint Planning with the team to plan out the next two weeks

10:00am – Present a status update to the MCC Leadership Team on data and analytics progress

11:30am – Lead a data strategy workshop consultation with a major rights holder

1:00pm – Lunch, hopefully some leftovers so I don’t need to decide what to eat

2:00pm – Call with a client who requires strategy support

3:00pm – Focus time to review and update client work and respond to emails

6:00pm – Head home – dinner, bath, book & bed for kids

8:00pm – Time to relax, catch up on news or some Netflix


CFO of Tenka Group


CFO of Tenka Group


My finance career has always been in the exciting world of advertising and marketing. Over the last 20+ years I’ve worked in both global agencies and small boutique marketing firms and love the diversity of roles and amazing people I’ve met along the way. Throughout my time at Gemba, I’ve been allowed the flexibility to become a mother of two gorgeous girls, while being supported as I worked my way up to leading the entire finance division.


7:00am – Up and getting ready – kids lunches to make and ponytails to put up! Grab a coffee and walk to the train station – let’s hope it’s on time today

8:00am – First meeting of the week – let’s talk new business!  Catch up with the proposals team on the revenue projections for the month

8:30am – Monday morning meeting – who’s presenting today? Whose Gembaversary is it?

9:00am – Finance WIP – catch up with Jenn and Erin on their weekend and review their priorities for the week

10:00am – Call from Murph in the Sydney office to talk about divisional planning – our favourite topic at the moment

11:25am – Another call from Murph… try to dodge a footy flying overhead! Pat!!!!

11:55am – Pop out with Jenn for our weekly Pilates session down the road, then back to work for a bite to eat and back into it!

2:30pm – The Gemba Bake off! Enjoy some delicious treats from the team – it’s getting really competitive now! Who will win?

5:00pm – Check in with Jenn before I leave for the day and jam myself onto a packed tram for the trip home



Senior Marketing Consultant


Senior Marketing Consultant


I’m a typical sport obsessed Melburnian. A huge crowd at the MCG doesn’t get any better – especially when Carlton win.

I’m fortunate to combine my passion for sport with my profession, and count myself lucky to be working at Gemba.

Throughout my career I’ve experienced many aspects that sport and entertainment has to offer. From major event management, to working in the commercial team at the Melbourne Storm, and most recently guiding some of Australia’s biggest brands through their sponsorship campaigns.


5:40am – First alarm goes off, I hit the snooze

5:49am – My 9-minute snooze goes off and I peel myself out of bed

6:10am – My fiancé (Lucie) and I drag ourselves to BFT gym. The music is blasting, and trainers have way too much energy. Luckily Tim Pope (from Gemba Strategy) is there to give us a pump up

7:20am – Back home to quickly walk the puppy, shower, eat and off to work I go. If weather permits, I ride in. Otherwise, I’m on the train

8:15am – Arrive at work, set up the desk, respond to any urgent emails and plan the day out

8:45am – Coffee #1 (long-black)

9:00am – WIP with Toyota to catch up on weekly tasks and things to plan for in the medium term

10:00am – Tom and I divide and conquer some pressing Toyota work – this can be anything from a creative brief, end of season report, contract valuation, renegotiation planning or sponsorship portfolio reviews

11:30am – Coffee #2

12:30pm – Time for lunch. So many options in near the office. But somehow, I always end up with Sushi…

1:30pm – Back into Toyota work. Is it Cricket, AFL, Motorsport, National Tree Day, Cowboys, Crows?

3:00pm – Coffee #3

4:00pm – Kick off meeting for a new opportunity with a brand – the Marketing Strategy team have unearthed another opportunity! We’ll get to work on the proposal right away!

5:45pm – I’m outta here – back on the bike, or train

6:30pm – Walk the doggo

7:00pm – In the kitchen cooking up a storm. Adam Liaw or Rick Stein on the TV in the background

8:00pm – TV time – Netflix/Kayo/SBS/ABC are the go-to’s. Unless Lucie commandeers the remote then it’s either Love Island or RHOBH


CEO of Tenka Group


CEO of Tenka Group


In hindsight I was probably destined to work in Sport & Entertainment. As a kid I developed a cricket tournament hosted in a carpark near home, ran horse racing nights and built stadiums in art class. My first job was working for a publishing company that specialised in sport, music and theatre publications.

From there I spent 10 years at Adidas, a great mix of sport, strategic planning and fashion. During this period I worked in Apparel, Footwear and Communications which gave me a holistic understanding of the business. In my last couple of years I was part of the adidas Global Olympic Strategy team, my first real exposure to the world of international sport.

In 2001 I took the plunge and started a business that evolved into Gemba. 18 years on I still thrive on the challenge of the industry and love the energy of working with a great bunch of people who are great at what they do.



6:15am – Up and out into the cold for a run. Keep telling myself “A bad run is still better than a good meeting”

7:15am – Walk and Talk. Need to check in with our Sydney office so walk to work while on a call. Gets my step count up, avoids the furnace of the Central Line and a productive use of time. Winning

8:15am – Arrive at the Turnstile office and discuss the fall out of last nights Champions League games

10:00am – Meeting with client to present Turnstile valuations. A really interesting discussion about the pricing and value proposition of Women’s sponsorship assets

12:30pm – Stroll down to the food carts with the team with a strong resolution to “mix it up” today for lunch. After much bluster we all order the “usual”

2:00pm – Meeting with Dev team who are working on the next Turnstile module. Lament that I cannot write code

4:00pm – Call with a client who wants strategy support from the Gemba team regarding commercialisation of a stadium. Lament that I can not speak French

5:30pm – Call with US sports league who are keen to understand more about Turnstile’s approach to pricing sponsorship assets

6:30pm – Out of the office and head home avoiding the lure of a London pub on a cold night

Connect with ROB MILLS


Marketing Consultant


Marketing Consultant


Sport has always been a huge passion of mine. Growing up on the other side of the ditch in NZ I played nearly every sport under the sun, and many weeknights & weekends were spent training and competing. Naturally this led to a sports management degree at university, and with the addition of a marketing degree I’ve combined these with innate curiosity to work in the ever-evolving business side of sport. These days I’m more of a social athlete and couch coach/ref, and can be found surfing or testing my footwork on the touch field.


7:00am – Up & at ‘em. Pack a quick lunch and jump on my bike to get into the office

8:00am – After a quick shower I dive headfirst into my inbox, reading the overnight reports and stories on the latest deals signed, and accepting meeting invites

8:30am – Monday Morning Meeting with the MEL & SYD offices, who’s presenting today? What’s the topic?

9:00am – Marketing Strategy WIP with the team, covering this week’s priorities and delegating tasks

10:00am – I pop downstairs for a quick coffee before getting stuck into the day’s work. This morning its some data analysis & deck building for a client who’s renegotiating their AFL contract

12:30pm – Time to stretch my legs and grab a famous Surry Hills schnitty sandwich for lunch. Back in the office to watch some NBA and make our playoff predictions – go Raps!

1:00pm – Back into it with some interviews with a crypto brand’s internal stakeholders, trying to uncover their ‘why’ for investing in sport

3:30pm – Quick regroup with Account Management and we present a PIR for a recent campaign for a government client, getting into the nitty gritty of what worked and where to for next year’s campaign

5:15pm – Close my laptop and jump back on my bike to head to a touch rugby game. Surely watching Benji Marshall highlights on YouTube will improve my footwork!

7:30pm – Home & hosed, ready for a feed. Time to put my feet up and watch some Netflix

Connect with SAM WARING


Strategy Analyst


Strategy Analyst


I take pride in getting things done and solving problems in the most efficient way. Coupled with my passion for all things sports (especially basketball), Gemba is like the Miami Heat to my Jimmy Butler.

Being exposed to sports since young, I am equally passionate about sports as a business and as an entertainment. Outside of work, you’ll find me playing/watching basketball, cycling around Melbourne or doing random things that pique my interest (paddleboarding, taking salsa classes or tennis lessons). Oh, and I’m always up for food adventures (I’ve tried cuisines from 26 different countries and counting!).


6:45am – My first alarm rings and I quickly hit snooze

7:00am – l actually wake up and start getting ready for the day

8:10am – Check my email and meeting schedule for the day while I commute

8:30am – I’m in the office, immediately start working on the project update for a festival sponsorship strategy

9:00am – Strategy team daily check in to set priorities for the day

9.30am – Coffee run with the Strategy team

10:00am – Attend a project update meeting with a client to present commercial rights model and get their feedback

11:00am – Progress an expansion analysis final report that will be sent out to the client tomorrow

12:30pm – Lunch! Time to catch up with some Gembies outside the Strat team

1:30pm – Workshop with a group of rightsholders to figure out the program objective for the sport’s new junior participation program

2:30pm – Summarise output from the workshop, continue working on the expansion analysis final report

4:00pm – Snack and mini hoops time (I do better with normal sized basketball, but not for long!)

5:30pm – Finish up work and then off to attend a Pilates class in the CBD

7:00pm – Try a new restaurant with some mates

10:30pm – Catch up on NBA’s trade and free agency rumours before going to bed


Head of Client Services


Head of Client Services


Born and raised in Melbourne, I grew up surrounded by sport and am a die-hard, long time suffering, third generation Melbourne Football Club tragic. I also have a love for Horse Racing, and you’ll find me trackside at Flemington during the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

Prior to Gemba, I worked in advertising for 8 years before making the jump to the sport industry. I’ve spent the last 4 years leading the Partnerships team at the AFL, working across several brands including Toyota, NAB, Virgin Australia and Wolf Blass. Highlights include campaign activations for NAB Mini Legends, Virgin Australia Greatest Ever Seat Upgrade and Wolf Blass ‘Here’s to the chase’ series. 


6:30am – Alarm goes off. Roll over, check my phone to catch up on all the overnight news and see what Melbourne weather has in store for today

7:30am – Activewear on and ready to walk to the office. A true crime podcast in my ears, I walk past the best stadium in the world (the MCG), along the Yarra River and through the Botanical Gardens

8:30am – Arrive at the office, get changed, eat a bowl of cereal at my desk and review what’s on for the day!

8:45am – Jump in an Uber en route to Toyota. This morning we’ve got AFL WIP and a pre-production meeting for the upcoming AFL Finals campaign

11:45am – Quick discussion with the client on last night’s episode of Survivor. What a blindside!

12:00pm – Grab a quick sandwich and Emma & Tom’s juice from the bistro at Toyota’s head office

2:00pm – Weekly WIP with my Senior Account Manager. It’s great to chat through what she’s got on this week, any priorities and what I can help with

3:00pm – Head into an internal review session for the upcoming Cricket Season creative approach

4:30pm – Try and tackle the emails in my inbox but get distracted by the lure of a cup of tea and a biscuit

5:45pm – Activewear back on and ready to walk home. I’m onto the next episode of my true crime podcast!

7:00pm – We’ve got friends coming over for dinner, so I have to quickly start prepping my go-to menu of BBQ butterflied lamb, roast potatoes and a salad


Strategy Manager


Strategy Manager


Despite growing up in a family with a nonchalant attitude to sports, living in Melbourne meant that sport would always find it’s way into my life in one way or another. As a mad Saints supporter, big tennis fan and an avid golfer, sports is now truly a huge part of my life (not to mention that I’ve now got most of my weekends sorted out during the year!).

With over five years of strategy consulting experience across a range of industries and sectors, I joined Gemba to get more involved and experience in the sports industry. This was an exciting opportunity to combine my strategy consulting background and passion for sports on a regular and impactful way.


6:00 am – Alarm rings, wake up and roll out of bed

6:30am – Do my daily Wordle, check out who won the Master’s or Wimbledon overnight and motivate myself to get up

7:00 am – Make some brekkie and a morning coffee to start the day right

7:30am – Commute to the office, get a jump on overnight emails and any fires to put out

8:30am – Roll into the office and check in on the team, more than likely to get a cup of coffee

9:00 am – Daily Strategy stand-up to review priorities for the day/week

10:00 am – Present project update to a leading rights holder on their next growth strategy

11:00am – Jump on a call with a potential client who is looking for support to develop their next 5-year strategy

12:00pm – Food, lunch, and coffee

1:00pm – Lead a workshop with a client Exec. team to clarify their 10-year vision and strategic priorities

3:00pm – Check in with the Strategy team on progress and any roadblocks I can help resolve. Then off to grab some more coffee

3:30pm – Hour of power #1: review work, progress client analysis and respond to urgent emails

4:30pm – The home stretch – power through any outstanding tasks for the day and setup for the next day

5:30pm – Shut down the laptop, leave the office and head to play tennis, basketball or watch the mighty Saints come home with a win!


Strategy Consultant


Strategy Consultant


From playing rugby throughout school and university, to being a current playing member of the MCC, and now taking my chances at AFL (cliché Melbourne expat), sport has always been a big part of my life. In fact, I’ve been playing sport since I could walk.

After growing up in England and working in London for two years, I made the decision to move across the world and pursue a career in sport and entertainment. So, what better place to move to than the sporting capital of the world, Melbourne!

Since moving, I’ve worked with some of Australia’s largest sports rights holders to evaluate their commercial partnerships, and I’m really excited to bring that knowledge into my strategy role at Gemba.


5:45am – Roll out of bed and into the gym, time to get myself moving for the day

7:30am – Put on a podcast and stroll along the Yarra into work

8:15am – Catch up on any overnight emails and set up my priorities for the day

9:00am – Strategy team daily WIP to catch up on our current projects and plan the day ahead

9:30am – Grab a coffee and finalise the business case we have written for a client hoping to get government funding for an infrastructure development

11:00am – Check in with the Creative Team who are helping us develop documentation to assist an investment firm buy lower league sports teams across Europe

12:30am – Head out to Southbank and grab a sarnie, then fire up the daily newspaper quiz!

1:30pm – Check in with a global rights holder and update them on our progress on their new licensing strategy development and implementation plan

2:30pm – Put the finishing touches on a data strategy report we have developed for a client

4:30pm – Re-group with the team and bring them up to speed on today’s progress

5:00pm – Send out any final emails for the day and make sure I have everything ready for my morning meeting at The ‘G the next day

5:45pm – Time to pack up and head home, taking the longer route around the tan to make sure I am making the most of the sunny evenings

7:00pm – Rustle up some food and relax for the rest of the evening, catching up with friends and family back in the UK


Marketing Consultant


Marketing Consultant


Sport has always been a big part of my life. I grew up watching and playing almost everything, but – like most kids in NZ – rugby union was the go-to. While it was apparent I wasn’t going to make it as a professional athlete (insert excuses here) I knew I wanted a career in the sports industry. I was particularly interested in learning more about the business side of sport, which lead me to completing a conjoint degree in marketing and sports management. 


My last role gave me the opportunity to work with NZ’s most iconic sporting brand, the All Blacks and more recently New Zealand Cricket. I was fortunate enough to gain some valuable experience all while ticking off a few incredible events from my sporting bucket list. I look forward to seeing that list grow along with my skills.


5:57am – Trying out this trick to get up early. Gives me 3 mins to wake up and get out of bed

6:45am – Jump on the tram and put on a podcast. Love getting into the city early and perking up with a coffee at one of Melbourne’s many cafes. Nice to have a bit of peace and quiet before the day gets too crazy

8:10am – Arrive in the office. Check a couple of emails before diving into the Monday morning meeting

9:30am – Quick resourcing catchup with the Sydney team, one more coffee and then I’m ready to get stuck in. Today I am working on a Toyota sponsorship evaluation for the NQLD Cowboys

12:00pm – Still haven’t got into the habit of bringing lunch to work so take the opportunity to stretch the legs and grab something from down the road. Great time to catch up with everyone and solve the world’s problems

1:00pm – Back at my desk looking for a project to help me refocus – multi-year strategy for Toyota and the AFL will do nicely

4:00p, – Squeeze in a quick 10 mins of table tennis against some of the most competitive people I have ever met

5:45pm – Time to hit the road. If I have the energy I will go for a quick run before dinner but more times than not, I will kick back, throw on some Netflix or NBA highlights and relax. Look forward to doing it all again tomorrow

Connect with TOM BELSON


Senior Insights Analyst


Senior Insights Analyst


A sports enthusiast who also enjoys outdoors and adventures, I have been learning kickboxing and hiking from many years, however my love for football remains constant. I have played various sports in my life which makes me very competitive but I also believe in teamwork. I like exploring new places and going music festivals and gigs.

Having studied my MBA in Marketing & Masters in Analytics, I believe Gemba is a perfect platform to showcase my passion, interest and skills in the sports and entertainment industries. Deriving meaningful insights which help clientele gives me sense of joy. Outside work you’ll find me either working out (includes playing a sport) or enjoying couple of beers with friends.


6:30am – Alarm goes off, wake and make my favourite soy mocha!

8:00am – Leave for work, catch-up on socials, plan a gym class!

8:30am – Check on emails, organise tasks, set targets for the day/week

9:30am – WIP meeting with the team

10:30am – Have a quick breakfast!

1:00pm – Lunch with colleagues after getting my go to Vietnamese veggie box

5:30pm – Quick check in with Dan to close out the day, update timesheets

6:00pm – Have a nice walk through the city to gym. Get a good workout!

8:00pm – Cook dinner which mostly involves rice

10:00pm – Watch Netflix for half hour, play online chess for half prepping for next day

11:00pm – Off to sleep!


Senior Insights Analyst


Senior Insights Analyst


Ever since I was a kid, I have been sport obsessed. Whether it was swimming lessons, football training or watching Italy win the 2006 World Cup, sports have always been a part of my life. As I grew older and started going to concerts and festivals my love for the entertainment industry and live events also grew. (Pre-covid I would try to have at least 2-3 concerts lined up a month).

I graduated university with a bachelor of commerce majoring in both Finance and Economics, hoping that I can apply my love for sport and entertainment in a business context. It didn’t start out that way, working for a Fintech, where I learned valuable skills and gave me a taste for research and insights. I am extremely lucky to have landed a role at Gemba that allows me to combine my passion for sport and entertainment with my education and experience.

On weekends, if I’m not at my Sunday league game or at a festival I’m most likely hanging with friends looking for the next best place to grab a great bite to eat and have a drink.


7:00am – Finally get out of bed after snoozing my alarm for the past 30 minutes. I catch up on the European football highlights while sipping my morning coffee

7:45am – Hop on the light rail, complete the daily wordle and catch up on some sporting news

8:15am – Order my second coffee from the café downstairs. (I’m really not a morning person)

8:30am – Get into the office and start to sort out my emails. I begin to organise my priority tasks for the day

9:30am – WIP meeting with the insights team, share my priorities, see what else needs to be addressed today

10:00am – I tend to get onto any data digging in the morning, whether it’s filling in the latest report or working on a data request for the marketing strategy team, pre-lunch is primetime to pump out a bunch of data

12:30pm – Lunch. If I’m not chowing down on some leftover pasta from last night you can probably expect to find me to be devouring some $5 dumplings from down the road

1:30pm – Scripting time! This time is spent scripting up surveys to make it into the field to gather data. Today I’m working on a survey for Racing Victoria. This time is also great to catch up on the latest music release that you might’ve missed

3:00pm – Regroup and re-check my list from the morning. Now is usually the time I’ll re-evaluate my priorities and see what needs to be completed by the end of day. I’ll often get a call around this time to give someone else a hand with a project or to clarify a question I had

5:00pm – Before finishing up for the day, I take time to book out my diary for the next day to make sure I’ve got enough time to finish any pressing tasks tomorrow. I also make sure any afternoon emails are addressed and surveys are in field with no hiccups

6:30pm – Football training! If it’s not rained off, I’ll head down to my local park and train with my team. Football is a great way to have a laugh and unwind after a big day



Senior Account Director


Senior Account Director


Coming from a family in advertising (both from creative and account service backgrounds), coupled with my love for the sport and entertainment industry (both as a former athlete and avid fan) I feel qualified to say I was born for this!

I started out in mainstream advertising early in my career and was lucky enough to work across a number of sporting brands and clients such as Asics and Pepsi Max, which piqued my interest to work on a client roster focused around sport and entertainment – which I later found at Gemba!

I’ve also spent some time working client side at Westpac within their broader Brand, Advertising and Media department, heading up their portfolio of rescue partnerships including their iconic Westpac Rescue Helicopter program, before returning to agency-land,

I love the pace, diversity, collaboration, challenges, magic and dynamism that working in an agency brings and the success we celebrate with our clients on and off the park.


6:00am – OK, OK I’m UPPP!!!!! (mornings look a little different – and earlier- since having my daughter in September, 2021)

8:00am – On my way to work I check up on international sport results and updates I missed over night; mainly tennis and basketball

8:30am – 10:00am – I’m caffeinated, checked my calendar for the day and finished up a team huddle hearing what my team are focusing on for the week

11:00am – First external meeting of the day we’re receiving a new brief from a new client for the upcoming footy season and it’s an exciting one!

1:00pm – quick lunch before doing a final review of some creative briefs and decks for McDonald’s before Alex heads off to see the client later today

2:00pm – creative check-in on some concepts we’re presenting to our Transport for NSW clients later in the week. The guys have nailed the brief!

4:00pm – a 1-1 team WIP with one of my team members who is wrapping up Westpac OpenAir and running through the initial report from our insights team – some great results!

6:00pm – on my way back home, listening to an NPR society and culture podcast. I love coming home to Alexia’’s smiles and giggles

Connect with ZOE HARTAS

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba gave me the knowledge, skills and capabilities I need to succeed within the sport & entertainment industry. It was also a highly motivating and stimulating place where curiosity was encouraged and rewarded. It was a time of my life that I cherish, both professionally and personally.

Pat Davis Senior Manager of Strategic Partnerships, Carlton & United Breweries

Alumni Testimonial

I was privileged to spend a significant amount of time at Gemba and use my experiences and things learned almost daily in my current role. Their culture is the core of the organisation and something that will continue to make it a fantastic place to work. This, combined with its diversity of work ensure that it will thrive well into the future.

Alistair Nicholson Chief Executive Officer - Australian Cricket Association


Over nearly 5 years at Gemba I learned a lot…including the value of good sports marketing and how insights led strategies can help the best brands in the world to successfully tell their story, that great people deliver great work and finally that the workplace can be a lot of fun!

Blair Crouch General Manager - Melbourne Stars

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba was a great place to start my sports marketing career and education. In many ways it taught me everything I know about the sports and entertainment industry. The business provided great leadership and mentors, training and development opportunities and also travel. However the best aspect was the people and the chance to work and socialise with intelligent and likeminded team members also striving to lead and develop best practice sports and entertainment solutions for leading global brands and rights holders.

Todd Hewitt General Manager: Commercial - The Blues Rugby

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba has been my home for the last three years and I’ve absolutely loved my time with the company. I don’t expect to come across another organisation that has such a capable and friendly team. Gemba took a chance on me as an inexperienced 20 year-old university student, and taught me all I know in sport & entertainment; for that, I am forever grateful.

Ashley Spinks Marketing Effectiveness Insights Manager, Seven West Media

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba actively embraces the concept that People & Culture is a critical component of the business. It is not lip service. I have spent 13 years working with a team that is passionate about building a supportive and dynamic work place. We have built some great programs but there is a tremendous appetite to get even better and that’s what makes Gemba a truly unique place

Tiffany Cant Head of People & Culture - CHE Proximity

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba is an amazing place to work. Nowhere in the world will you find a similar organisation that has the breadth of talent, clients and culture that Gemba offers. I’m incredibly grateful for my time at Gemba. I learnt so much, met so many amazing people and will always have great memories.

Tim Morris Commercial Manager, Racing Queensland


Gemba gave me everything I needed (and more) to start and build my career in Sport and Entertainment. Five years of exciting work, great clients, brilliant mentors and wonderful friends. I will always look back fondly at my time at Gemba and be grateful for the business that gave me my start.

Laura Wrigley National Partnerships Manager Southern - Carlton United Breweries

Alumni Testimonial

Gemba is the first job where I have actually enjoyed coming to work and doing my day to day activities. I love working at Gemba and I’m going to miss it so much. I don’t think I’ll ever find as good of  a company, culture and opportunities as my time at Gemba. Sad Face.

Jonno Durrant Senior Creative Producer - ESPN

Alumni Testimonial

My time at Gemba is fondly remembered. I was able to work on major clients such as Toyota, Coca Cola, NAB, Bupa, the Government and Adidas, in an industry I enjoy. Gemba’s focus on the development of intellectual capital and staff growth ensured your own skills were always being improved. It was always exciting to see high-profile initiatives come to life and say ‘we did that’.

Anthony Lawrence Chief Executive Officer - Clublinks


In Japanese culture, the ‘Dojo’ is a place where students train and seek enlightenment. With this philosophy in mind, Gemba's Dojo Program is designed to develop skills and abilities, as well as improve overall job satisfaction. It covers three key phases of professional development:


Welcome to Gemba! Here’s where you learn the basics and start feeling part of the family.


Structured training to evolve core skills and gain deeper insight through external training and Gemba’s Intellectual Capital.


Accelerated learning through customised opportunities for personal and professional development.

The Gemba Alumni

Zenkai is our Gemba Alumni program, where we recognise the unique contribution of people who have worked at Gemba and since moved on to further their careers elsewhere.

The Zenkai are considered integral to the Gemba family and part of an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship. Together we maximise opportunities, share skills, experiences and our passion for sport & entertainment.


More than just words in a vision document, Gemba Values drive our daily behaviour.


We care for our clients and each other. Committed to our clients’ causes, we seek to understand their needs and requirements, whilst ensuring we don’t lose sight of our own or our team members’ needs. We listen, are open, honest and constructive.


We are a team of problem solvers. We find opportunities through flexibility and optimism. Our team embraces leadership and proactivity – inspiring each other and welcoming healthy debate. Individual zest to uncover answers equals collective progress.


Everyone at Gemba takes pride in delivering excellent work. We respect and adhere to time frames, keep communication lines open and pay great attention to detail. We prioritise collaboration and are constantly looking for learnings to improve and sustain performance.


We stand up for what we believe is right even if it comes at a short term cost to oneself or the business. We deal with internal and external stakeholders in an honest and transparent manner. We are truthful and we take responsibility for mistakes and try to learn from them.