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July 16, 2021

What’s better than a big birthday? A big birthday where you get the presents!

For 50 years Maccas has been a part of Australian culture, and to celebrate the milestone they’ve released some fun 50th anniversary merchandise for customers to collect.

To help promote the event and encourage customers join in the celebrations, Gemba reached out to the 12 sporting sponsorship partners of Macca’s NSW… 12 teams across 3 sporting codes.

We developed a simple formula that saw us brief each club to capture ‘unboxing’ films remotely, before we edited hours of wild footage into entertaining little films with a simple happy birthday message for Maccas.

Each of the social videos features star athletes from all twelve teams, surprise gifted Maccas birthday presents. Players from the AFL, NRL and the A-League were captured in unscripted unwrapping moments of joy. And they were lovin’ it!

Everybody has their own way of unwrapping prezzies, and the players really embraced the fun, displaying genuine surprise and delight at receiving non-spillable glasses and Macca’s pyjamas. Even the bubble wrap itself played a role to help create a series of smile-inducing films that each club posted on their social media channels.

Macca’s got their own supercut edit featuring all 12 clubs, that included all partner teams wishing them a very happy birthday and even pulling on their PJs!

The promotion goes live through July and August on partner social channels.