in Sport

January 12, 2022

For many years, Transport for NSW has used its partnership with Cricket NSW to promote the ‘What’s Your Plan B?’ campaign, encouraging drivers to make alternative arrangements to get home after they’ve been drinking. In a new twist on the existing territory, Gemba took a deep dive into the kit bags of profession cricketers and spread the word that everybody needs a Plan B to get home safe this summer.

The ‘Plan B in you Kit Bag’ campaign is based on the insight that cricket players are fastidious planners and that they keep all manner on important things in their oversized kit bags. We took this insight and explored it with the BBL and WBBL teams the Sydney Sixers and the Sydney Thunder, as well as through the NSW Blues men’s team.

Blues, Sixers and Thunder players showed us what was in their kit bag… bats, pads, spare gloves and of course, their own Plan B to get home safe after they’ve been drinking. Custom mini-bats appeared, emblazoned with various PLAN Bs – from catching a train to calling a cab, from texting a roommate to buzzing a bro! Each player got to choose their own Plan B, and reveal it as part of the contents of their own kit.

Gemba delivered multiple video, stadia, social and digital assets to support the campaign, each tailored to specific fan groups from the Thunder, Sixers and Blues. The campaign will be live for the duration of the long summer of cricket, amplified through the team’s various social channels.