in Sport

May 27, 2020

While many of you have been using isolation as a time to get fit, stay healthy and fix a thing or two around the house, I’ve been busy scrolling through so much social media (with TikTok mostly to blame) you could almost consider it a daily workout.

Seeing as it’s been nine weeks in iso, I thought I’d put my newly found social media addiction to good use and share my nine favourite iso-cial media posts from the sport and entertainment industry.

Favourite Find – Leticia Bufoni Iso Skateboarding

We’ve been inundated with iso trick shot videos at home, but this one is extra crisp. Everything about this is awesome. The music, the house, the people, the camera work… even the perfectly positioned Red Bull cans. I see you.

Favourite Time Waster – Joseph Parker Lip Sync

I’m no boxing fan, or at least I wasn’t. I haven’t watched a single second of a Joesph Parker fight (yet), but in the last few weeks, I’ve watched every single one of his quarantine videos. Seems like I’m not the only one, with his last few videos tallying millions of views on Twitter alone. That’s more than his last fight pulled on YouTube.

Most Wholesome – Hawks Bedtime stories series

I mean, I don’t even have kids and as an Essendon supporter I have nothing but hate for the Hawks. So why did I sit through almost 8 minutes of Issac Smith reading Ruby Red Shoes to his daughter and her adorable toy lamb? Worst part is I wanted more.

Most Epic – Zoe Bell Boss Bitch

It’s almost like the new Harlem Shake, people are taking this concept and running with it in their own creative ways. This is my favourite execution so far.

Most Confusing – Joel Selwood: Mop flop

I’m afraid to have an opinion about this one. I’m always surprised about the things people choose to be upset about. It’s like we have a community outrage generator that randomly selects a new whipping boy (or girl!) each week. Seems like Selwood couldn’t duck his way out of this one.

Favourite TikTik account – Ronnie Wilson’s: Basketball Trick Shots

I’m a sucker for basketball and trick shots. Ronnie Wilson is a master at both and his TikTok channel has me hooked.

Favourite International Find – Remi Anri Doi, TikTok: Japanese Handball superstar

I had no idea who this guy was or that handball was big in Japan, now I’m both a fan of Remi Anri Doi and of the sport. His TikTok following has skyrocketed since isolation and I can understand why. He’s hilarious.

Favourite Social Account Takeover – Red Sox: Let’s Get Weird

The Let’s Get Weird Twitter campaign gave fans the opportunity to have the Red Sox in-house Graphic Designer photoshop any image however they like. Hilarious and simple. I almost forgot that sport was suspended for a hot minute going through this thread.

Favourite TikTok Campaign – Milo Freestyle

For a brand that’s only posted 8 times (all in the last month) they’ve tallied over 10million views. That’s a lot of eye balls. The #MILOFreestyle campaign is the perfect example of a simple idea executed well on a new(ish) platform that’s booming.

Sport may have been put on hold, but it hasn’t slowed down the athletes. Thanks to social media, I’ve become a big fan of a few sports and athletes I never knew about before isolation became a thing. I guess that’s a win.