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January 29, 2021

Working as a creative in advertising has its highs and lows. Long hours are softened by a well stocked kitchen. Tight deadlines are easier to handle with a competent (and fun to work with) team. Complicated briefs are less frustrating with cold beers. Take any of the above away and no creative would be happy, but they’d live.

So while Covid didn’t take my job (thanks Gemba) it did stop me from going to any shoots, kinda. Since the Melbourne office started working from home in February, we’ve organised about 10 shoots for different campaigns, all having to be concepted, managed and directed remotely.

With the Big Bash finals heating up, I thought I’d share a sneaky behind the screens look at how we managed to pull together this year’s Weet-Bix ‘Eat Bix, Hit Six’ Big Bash campaign – an idea that highlighted just how fast and impressive the big hits are, by slowing them right down.


It starts with finding a good production company who can help bring your idea to life


Having a gun producer by your side


A lot of techy stuff… zoom calls, live video feeds, group chats, carrier pigeons… every line of communication was open


A lot of patience prepping each scene…


Approving shots via video chat when the stream fails…


Rolling with it when things don’t go to plan


Post shoot drinks just aren’t the same…


All in all, the end result is what counts, and in a single remotely organised shoot, we managed to capture sixteen slow motion videos, with four different players, each smashing four different objects. That was enough content to fill up an entire Big Bash season keeping Weet-Bix relevant for an entire summer

Here’s my favourite of the series. Mozzie smashing a watermelon to bits.

You can watch the others on the Weet-Bix Instagram page.

The virus might’ve put Melbourne into lockdown, but it unlocked something in our team. It’s great to know that no matter what challenge is thrown our way, whether it be an impossible deadline, tricky brief or a world-wide pandemic, we’ll find a way to step up and keep creating. More importantly, I’m just glad shoots are back on the agenda… I’m thinking our next Weet-Bix spot takes place on a beach somewhere down the coast.