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January 14, 2022

As the most vulnerable road users, pedestrians account for almost 14% of deaths on Victorian roads, and walking while distracted is the key cause of most trauma.

Be it lost in their mobile phones or blocking out the world via noise cancelling headphones, pedestrians are increasingly disconnected from the real dangers they face on and around the city’s streets. Gemba were engaged by the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to encourage Melburnians to look up, listen and take care around roads during event periods in the CBD, as an extension of the existing Walk with Care campaign.

TAC wanted to leverage the attention and reach of multiple government sponsored public events happening in and around Melbourne across a 6-month period, including Melbourne Fashion Week, Lunar New Year, The Melbourne International Comedy Festival and more.

Gemba commissioned local Melbourne artist Melina McGough to create custom illustrations to tease each partnership as well as educate pedestrians and encourage them to be safe event goers. These illustrations became the focus of communications displayed at high traffic city intersections, transit OOH placements, convenience advertising and digital.

Keep an eye out for our Walk with Care comms when you’re strolling around Melbourne in 2022, and remember: eyes up, phones down when crossing, darlings!