September 14, 2020

Gemba Group CEO Rob Mills has today announced a business and management restructure that sees the introduction of a new holding company, two new Directors and a new Managing Director for Gemba.

The Gemba Group, the holding company with ownership of Gemba and Turnstile, will now be known as Tenka Group and Mills will move into a Group CEO role.

In addition to driving continued growth of the Gemba and Turnstile businesses, Tenka will focus on building and developing new opportunities within the sport and entertainment industry.

Mills explains: “We know that the fusion of insight, strategy and creativity builds great businesses that add real value to the sport and entertainment industry and its fans. These opportunities reach beyond the current service and product offering of Gemba and Turnstile, so we designed a new structure to identify and develop these new businesses.”

According to Mills, the introduction of a new holding company will allow him and members of Tenka’s Management Team to focus on growth. Mills’ role will be based in London to ensure Tenka has a global orientation and to support the rapid growth of the Turnstile business, based in the U.K. since its launch in 2018.

Tenka is also pleased to announce that long-standing Gemba employees Paula Marovitch and Clare Stewart-Hunter have been gifted equity in the business and will become directors of Gemba Australia. Head of Finance, Marovitch and Head of Client Services Stewart-Hunter have been with the Gemba for over 13 and seven years, respectively, and their elevation to the Board as shareholders recognises their significant contributions to the business, its people, culture and clients.

Paula Marovitch will become CFO of Tenka Group and Clare Stewart-Hunter has been promoted to Head of Client and Creative Services, leading the Marketing Communication divisions within the business.

At the same time, Director and Head of Marketing Andrew Condon will be promoted to Managing Director of Gemba. Condon will oversee the insights, strategy, and marketing operations of the business. Gemba also plans to appoint a new Divisional Manager of Marketing Strategy, to be announced shortly.

Rob Mills congratulated Condon on his appointment and welcomed Marovitch and Stewart-Hunter to the Gemba Australia board.

He says: “I have spent much of the past five years in China and the U.K. and feel incredibly fortunate to have had a talented and passionate Management Team running Gemba. The elevation of Paula and Clare to the Gemba Board and the promotion of Andrew to Managing Director of Gemba is without doubt one of the highlights of my time in this business.”

Condon, who has spent close to 10 years at Gemba, added: “I am humbled by the opportunity to lead Gemba. While Covid-19 has and continues to present numerous challenges for the sport and entertainment industry, I am proud of the resilience and passion constantly on show from our people.

“2020 sees the Gemba business in a strong financial position, with good momentum. We believe there will be significant opportunities in a heavily disrupted market, and I am excited about leading Gemba through this next phase.”

Mills said these changes ensure Tenka and its companies, Gemba and Turnstile, have the focus and leadership they need to execute the group’s new five-year business strategy, launched to the Tenka team this week.