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October 28, 2019


In 2015, Gemba introduced the Dojo Explore Award, which simply put, is our very own MVP award.

Each year, everyone at Gemba is given the opportunity to nominate employees they believe have gone above and beyond their role. We’re talking about the superstars, the silent achievers, the playmakers, and even the up and comers.

The winners are rewarded with a once in a lifetime international trip to experience a world class sport and entertainment event. It’s a unique opportunity that’s helped fast-track the careers of those who’ve won. Clare, who was a Senior Account Director  when she won the Dojo Explore Award in 2016 has gone on to become Gemba’s Head of Client Services since returning from her trip.

“Winning Gemba’s inaugural Dojo Award was incredible! It was humbling knowing my colleagues believed in me and it gave me a huge confidence boost that carried me forward in my career.” – Clare Stewart-Hunter, Dojo Winner 2016.

Since its inception, we’ve sent winners to the Rugby World Cup in London, the US Open, Sundance Film Festival and the NBA All-Star Tournament in the USA.

This year’s winners, Amelia Faulkner (Senior Account Manager) and Anthony Maginness (Senior Strategy Consultant) will soon be shipping off to England and Germany where they’ll deep dive into European football. They’ll watch the best teams in the best stadiums and meet some of the industry’s most talented figures. How’s that for work experience!

We usually keep the destination and itinerary a secret to the very last minute, but next year’s event is too big to hide. 2020 winners will be treated to front row seats at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. As far as sport and entertainment go, it doesn’t get much bigger and better than that.

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