Product Development

Project Overview

Following an in-depth strategic review, Netball Australia identified a need to drive deeper engagement with the legions of junior participants across the country. Netball Australia subsequently engaged Gemba to redefine its national junior program, ‘Netsetgo’, to better deliver on the needs of participants, stakeholders and deliverers.


Leveraging Gemba’s experience in participation planning and new product development, our Management Consulting team redefined the parameters of the Netsetgo program. In addition to designing a new program structure and content, our team also developed a 5-year business model to test its financial viability, and delivered a commercial strategy that would lead to significant sponsorship investment from leading Australian brands.


Gemba revolutionised the Netsetgo program, with the introduction of dance and music to capture the hearts and minds of young girls across the country. Since Gemba’s involvement, participation in Netsetgo has grown by 400%, and the program has attracted significant sponsorship investment from a blue-chip brand. It is now a flagship program in the Australian sporting landscape, and will ensure that Netball participation and fan development continues to thrive.