China City Attack

Project Overview

China is the second largest sportswear market in the world, presenting huge growth opportunities for leading brands. To maximise returns from its Chinese operations, adidas engaged Gemba as the authority on consumer engagement and strategy development, to create tailored marketing and distribution strategies for 22 cities in China.


Thanks to our extensive global Gemba Insights Program, we were able to provide unparalleled insights into the Chinese market, including metrics, trends and benchmarks on sport and entertainment participation, passion, and consumption, as well as athlete, celebrity and team popularity.

In conjunction with our consumer insights, in-depth analysis of adidas sales and market data was conducted to identify opportunities in each product category and segment.


Our analysis uncovered multiple unique product and event opportunities within each of the 22 cities. To successfully capitalise on these opportunities, Gemba outlined a series of recommendations for each city and advised on the priority areas for focus and investment in China through to 2020.