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in Sport

September 4, 2018

With the automotive industry moving at breakneck speed towards an alternative fuel future, Toyota is backing their advanced Hybrid technology to lead the way forward for consumers in Australia and around the world. And while Toyota is the market leader for Hybrid in Australia, the market itself is relatively small and awareness for the category low.

So how does Toyota demonstrate that Hybrid is the modern vehicle for the modern driver, and how do you take passionate AFL footy fans along for the ride? Introducing the Hybrid Player: Imagine the power of Dusty Martin combined with the speed of Eddie Betts, or the tank of Patty Dangerfield with the confidence of Buddy Franklin. Now we’re talking ‘Hybrid | Built for the Modern Game’ – an integrated sponsorship activation campaign brought to life by Toyota and Gemba.

The AFL Hybrid story is told through high-tech animation combined with dynamic sport action, to stimulate fan conversation around the make-up of the modern player. AFL is arguably the most physically and mentally challenging sport in the country. For the players, it’s more complex and demanding than ever. Being strong is not enough. Being fast is not enough. The game has moved beyond the one-dimensional player. Today’s stars are multi-faceted athletes… strong, fast, skilled, efficient and dynamic. A finely tuned balance of physical and mental excellence.

The campaign makes the same connections for the impressive range of Toyota Hybrid vehicles. With uncompromising technology, Hybrid combines the best of the alternatives; excellent fuel efficiency and reliability, combined with performance that surprises.

Toyota’s focus on Hybrid is part of its commitment to increase the number of Hybrid vehicles sold in Australia. So, whether AFL fans are debating the class of a Nic Nat, the composure of a Cyril Rioli or the breakaway speed of the all-new Toyota Camry one thing’s for certain, they’ll know that Toyota Hybrid is built for the modern game.