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August 18, 2021

The Tenka Group, including the Gemba & Turnstile businesses, have taken the next step in their sustainability journey by committing to become a climate-neutral certified company.

Working with the leading climate action advocate ClimatePartner, Tenka is measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions across all operations, commissioning a detailed Corporate Carbon Footprint Assessment. 

Once assessed, Tenka will then offset unavoidable emissions by investing in certified carbon offset projects. Carbon offset projects help counteract the release of greenhouse gas emissions, whilst simultaneously working to improving the livelihood of indigenous populations around the world. 

This is the latest demonstration of Tenka’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and our belief that the sport and entertainment industry can play a leadership role in emissions reduction.

Tenka recognises the impact that climate change continues to have on the sporting landscape and we hold ourselves accountable for change. We are mindful that it is our responsibility to reduce direct CO2 emissions and support carbon offset projects. 

This is a passion shared by numerous Tenka clients, from rights-holders to athletes and brands, and is another step on our journey towards a Net Zero future.

To find out more about Climate Partner and the journey to Climate Neutrality, visit