April 17, 2024

Tenka, owners of Gemba and Turnstile, announced today that Claire Kelly will join its Board. Claire has held the position of Gemba Europe General Manager since December 2022 and will now hold the position of Managing Director Gemba Europe & Middle East.

Previously Kelly was a shareholder of the Gemba Europe business, and this appointment will see her elevated to the Group board. Claire will continue to report to the Gemba’ Global Managing Director, Andrew Condon.

Rob Mills, CEO of Tenka said: “Under Claire’s leadership, Gemba has made tremendous progress in the European market, and we are excited about getting her input into the broader Tenka business at the Board level. Claire has an infectious passion for doing world-class work and she is building a dynamic team in our London office. We see this as another important step in building an extended service offer for our clients that is grounded in a deep understanding of the fan and a commitment to delivering results’’.

Kelly’s appointment aligns with the recent Tenka Board decision to significantly increase investment into Gemba’s international expansion. After acquiring several blue-chip clients in Europe, Gemba will fast track plans to build out its Strategy, Data & Analytics, Performance Marketing and Insights offers. The investment that has been green-lit by the Tenka Board will also see Gemba commence the roll out of its services in the Middle East.

Kelly said: “I was always confident that the service offer Gemba has built in Asia Pacific would land well in the European market. But the reaction has been even better than I expected, and I am rapt delighted that the Tenka Board has taken the decision to increase the investment in the business. We passionately believe that we are helping clients think differently about their challenges and opportunities and this investment will allows us to reach more clients, more quickly.’’


Since launching in Europe, Gemba has established retainers with leading rightsholders and brands including the International Cricket Council, three Premier League teams, and Decathlon, as well as providing data, strategy and insight consulting services to LIV Golf, the ECB, Premiership Rugby, Manchester City and the Women’s Sport Trust.

The increased investment into the European business will also see additional Group Finance and People & Culture roles in the London Office. Gemba, along with its sister agency Turnstile, moved into a new London office in March in preparation for the expansion of the team.

Gemba was launched in Australia in 2006 and has worked with major rights and holders and brands across the Asia Pacific region. The business is built on a core belief that a better fan experience is the key driver of success in the sport and entertainment industries.