in Sport

October 4, 2023

Sports and entertainment agency Gemba bring to life Westpac’s sponsorship of the NRL/NRLW Official Match Ball with a fun new content series.

Heads up, league fans!

There’s nothing quite like a crowd catch at the footy. For the lucky punter, it’s a moment of pride and joy you’ll never forget, and a story to be shared with friends and family; for the rest of the stadium and broadcast audience, it’s pure entertainment. But now — all thanks to Westpac’s new CATCH & KEEP promotion — any fan who catches the Westpac Official Match Ball during the NRL or NRLW Finals also gets to keep it.

Yep, talk about a prize that goes ‘straight to the pool room’.

Of course, no diehard footy fan ever wants to be the one who drops the ball – especially with so much now at stake. Which is why Westpac and Gemba teamed up to create a three-part content series titled Art of the Catch to help punters pull off the perfect stadium catch.

Starring a likely bunch of NRL and NRLW heroes to bring the idea to life, the light-hearted content offers helpful tips on how to snatch the prize when opportunity falls from the sky. Whether it’s deploying the so-called ‘Art of Distraction’ against your mates, making sure you stake out the best spot to catch the ball (the ‘Art of Positioning’), or honing your reflexes so you’re ready at all times (the ‘Art of Thinking Quick’), Westpac have now got you covered.

The Art of the Catch content series rolled across the NRL and players’ social channels, as well as during a home page takeover of NRL.com leading into the NRL and NRLW Grand Finals on Sunday, October 1.

As an extra bonus, Westpac launched a consumer promotion that gave rugby league fans a chance to win the best seats in the house for the Grand Final – quite possibly the prime position behind the posts to potentially take that magic catch.

Ball and bragging rights incoming, proudly backed by Westpac.