The world’s best data, packaged smarter. Our research modules give clients the power to build an insights package based on their specific needs. Smart, easy, great data.

Insights Modules

Designed specifically for the sport and entertainment industry, our modulated approach gives government bodies, industry organisations and brands access the world’s best market research data, in a package tailored to their needs. Our clients have the power to build a bespoke subscription, adding and subtracting modules specific to evolving business requirements. It’s easy, logical and great value. Gemba’s online dashboard makes viewing the latest research simple and puts world-class insights at our clients’ fingertips.

Territory Brand Health

Understand who, how and what sport and entertainment activities consumers are involved in.

Sport Participation Landscape

How and what sports consumers are participating in and what drives them.

Sport Participation Deep Dive

Go beyond the sport participation landscape and deep into sport and recreation participation.

Junior Participation

Children’s sport participation, motivations and interests.

Sport Properties Leagues

Engagement with sporting leagues, competitions and the teams participating in them.

Sport Properties -­ National Teams

Focusing on favouritism, awareness, likeability and brand image profile of national teams.


The behaviour and emotional connection consumers have with individual athletes and celebrities.

Entertainment Properties

How and which consumers relate to TV shows, music events, movies and gaming franchises.

Sponsorship Effectiveness

Measure the success of sponsorship investments with bespoke questions for each client.