Insights led strategies that help brands effectively plan, buy and evaluate their sport and entertainment marketing investments

Our Marketing Strategy Service

Our insights-driven strategy helps clients better understand why they invest in sport and entertainment, what properties they should invest in, how much they should pay, how they bring their investments to life and how they measure the effectiveness of each partnership. At the core of our Marketing Strategy Division are four specific service offerings.

Investment Purpose

Developing the business case and guardrails for investing in sport and entertainment. How will you make investment decisions and what are your expected outcomes

Asset Planning

Developing sponsorship strategies that answer two common client questions;

  1. Is my current sponsorship portfolio right?
  2. What sponsorship property should I be investing in?


Delivering a market valuation and contract assessment to help you determine how much to pay for the sponsorship.

Investment Evaluation

How has my sponsorship performed? By developing bespoke measurements aligned to the purpose of Asset, we assess the sponsorship over time to understand whether it achieved the purpose, how it compared with other sponsors within the territory and how the sponsorship is benchmarked versus competitors.