An exhaustive suite of research products that deliver insights specific to client needs.

Our Customised Insights Service

We offer a range of quantitative and qualitative research methods to help our clients achieve their business goals. Our flexible approach allows us to tailor specific research and uncover deeper insights about our clients’ target markets — giving them the confidence to develop superior product, brand and communication strategies.

Brand Health Tracking

Periodic monitoring of the ‘health’ of a brand, territory or property among its target market.


Develop distinct consumer segments based on attitudinal and behavioural metrics to drive fan and participant development initiatives.


Measures behaviours and attitudes associated with current, future and past participation in sport.


Understand event attendees’ profiles, event touchpoints, evaluation and satisfaction, and event friction points.


Quantifies the satisfaction of members, participants, fans and sponsors of Sport and Entertainment properties, clubs and venues. Identifies the specific levers driving satisfaction.

Ambassador Appeal

Provides insight into the reputation and marketability of professional athletes, celebrities, teams and properties in the context of the wider population.

Concept Testing

Understand the response of a specific target markets to a proposed new product or campaign messaging with a view to refine and optimise the product/message prior to launch.

Campaign Effectiveness

Measure what impact, if any, a marketing, communications or sponsorship campaign has had on the behaviour and attitude of its target market.

Brand Development

Explore a brand’s territory development to provide guidance on brand elements.

Consumer Focus Groups

Gain detailed, qualitative insights into the sport and entertainment industry from tailored focus group facilitation, both in person and online.

In-depth Interviews

Individual, detailed interviews with target subjects who are able to provide depth of understanding for a research topic.

Fan Immersion

A form of ethnography where Gemba staff join fans/consumers for a day at an event, and interview them throughout the process – providing deep, qualitative insights at each phase of the experience.