Project Overview

Telstra asked Gemba to assist with measuring the effectiveness of both existing and potential partnerships. In order to do this, Gemba created the bespoke evaluation tool to assess each partnership across six different measures, including consumer engagement, corporate reputation, reach and geographic presence, access, strategic fit and commercial potential. The tool helped Telstra capture the relevant information to assess sponsorship effectiveness, whilst also providing key stakeholders with a common language and framework for discussing potential future sponsorships within the business.


Gemba worked with Telstra to review all existing sponsorships and understand what drives investment in partnerships. Interviewing key decision makers and reviewing activity plans provided a number of themes and drivers which were then workshopped into a strategic framework for discussion. The framework was then tested within the business and adapted accordingly to consider key criteria and incorporate a robust methodology. Sponsorships were then classified to determine which objectives they are aligned to and how they were measured against other comparable partnerships. The Value to Investment “VTI” that Gemba created was then capable of mapping partnerships on one chart with a single score and return on investment calculation


The VTI Tool provided Telstra with a common set of metrics and language to discuss sponsorship effectiveness, while also ensuring partnerships were delivering on the agreed purpose and objectives.