The Knock-On Effect

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Rugby League legends Greg Alexander and Brad Fittler open up on their tragic story, delivering a powerful road safety message for Transport for NSW.


Transport for NSW and Gemba leverage the NSWRL Blues partnership to focus on decision making and changing driver behaviours.

The Knock-On Effect is a campaign that Gemba developed specifically for the NSW Blues partnership, and it focuses on the long-lasting and far-reaching impact one mistake can have. In 2019, we’re proud to have helped Brad Fittler and Greg Alexander open up – for the first time in 27 years – and share their tragic story that saw them lose a brother and a best friend. The emotive three-minute film highlights the devastating impact a fatal car crash had on their lives, the lives of their families’ and the broader rugby league community. The video was released in the lead up to the first State of Origin clash, and served as a powerful reminder for excited fans to think about their loved ones and stay safe on the roads throughout the series.


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