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Project Overview

Golf Australia recognised Gemba’s expertise in qualitative research and joined forces to conduct an in depth study into Australian teens and their perceptions of golf. Gemba eGroups created an environment that felt like home, allowing for deeper qualitative analysis to understand how Golf Australia could engage and retain this demographic to preserve the future of their sport.


Gemba’s eGroups was the prefect tool for this research: reaching Teens in a natural and safe environment, the platform is flexible, adaptive and fully customisable, as well as being a truly engaging experience for respondents. Through the range of activities available on the platform, Gemba ignited a genuine and meaningful conversation that would have only been possible in this online environment.


Gemba eGroups provide an unprecedented level of insight into the teens’ world and honed in on how Golf Australia can recapture attention and refocus its messaging towards Australian teens in marketing and future teen-focused Golf products and initiatives. The platform itself instantly shows results, from heat-maps, to live photo galleries. Gemba eGroups efficiently and effectively drive conversation and get to the core of the matter.