Sport and Entertainment Investment Research

Project Overview

Coca-Cola is a long standing Gemba partner, continually utilising our Insights Program to gain a better understanding of the sport andentertainment landscape and how the Coca-Cola brand can fit within this. Gemba has supported Coca-Cola in assessing sponsorship opportunities, planning activations and initiatives, and providing insights into new sponsorship territories.


Gemba has leveraged the entire suite of our proprietary offering to assist Coca-Cola across multiple projects, including:

Developing detailed consumer profiles for various Coca-Cola brands in order to understand their passions, interests, and favourite celebrities and athletes.

To assist Coca-Cola plan ‘The Happiness Cycle’ initiative, Gemba used its participation research to find the ideal location for the initiative, by market sizing regions according to participation rates and household income.

When Powerade wanted to explore new assets for their core segments, we utilised consumerism and asset metrics from our Insights Program to unlock the key sports to target based on the right fit for the brand.

Coca-Cola required deeper consumer insight to drive its brand strategy in Asia for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Using the Gemba Insights Program in five ‘emerging’ Asian markets (China, India, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia), we delivered required insights at a fraction of the cost of a bespoke study.


Gemba research has been used by Coca-Cola to inform and evaluate investment decisions in sport and entertainment partnerships. This has resulted in an insights-led approach for future investment planning. Gemba’s research has been recognised globally by Coca-Cola, and is a vital ingredient in driving the company’s marketing strategies for the FIFA World Cup 2018.