Women’s Sport Research


In partnership with Women’s Sports Trust, The Office for Women in Sport and Recreation and Foxtel, Gemba has recently completed extensive research into the current state and future potential of global women’s sport.

To find out more about what we’ve learned, explore our recent project summaries below…

PROJECT 1 – Women’s Sports Trust Project

Our latest study for Women’s Sport Trust uncovered some fascinating insights. For example, while UK TV viewing figures for women’s sport reached record highs in 2023, fans still feel the amount of content available is insufficient. This suggests there is real demand for more comprehensive and inclusive sports coverage. Read more about this study here.

PROJECT 2 – Change Our Game Project

As the eyes of the world turn down under for the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023™ , the Office for Women in Sport and Recreation is calling on corporate Australia to step up and close the sponsorship gap by investing in women’s elite sport.

‘The Value of You-Can-Be-What-You-Can-See’ is a study commissioned by OWSR. It articulates the massive customer value and brand benefits being created for the current sponsors of women’s elite sport.

The study found that there is $49 billion in customer value on offer if the current sponsorship gap between women’s and men’s elite sporting properties was to close over the next 15 years.

In other words, sponsoring women’s elite sport isn’t just ‘the right thing to do.’ In this competitive world where companies and shareholders seek every advantage, this study shows that investing in women’s elite sport is the smart thing to do. Learn more about our findings here.

PROJECT 3 – Women in Sport Summit Presentation

Download our recent insightful presentation ‘Unpacking the Women’s Sport Fan’, presented recently at the Women in Sport Summit 2023. This insightful presentation explores the evolution of the women’s sport fan base over the past year, and current trends in media consumption.

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