in Sport

June 6, 2019

The raffle has always been about fundraising made easy, but this year it’s gone digital, which means no more paper tickets and all sales will happen online. Easy.

Since 2015, Gemba has worked alongside Toyota to help football communities all over Australia thrive through the development of the Toyota Good for Footy Raffle program, an initiative designed to help clubs help themselves. So far, the program has raised over $5million for grassroots footy clubs. That money has been used to upgrade facilities, buy new equipment, subsidise playing fees and to make the game of football a little more accessible for all.

The Gemba team has been instrumental in providing all the elements of the “Good For” program, right from creative concepting to raffle permits and logistics through to telling the stories of the benefitting clubs.

After four years, Gemba identified that there was an opportunity to reinvigorate the fundraising efforts of grassroots clubs through a more dynamic ticket selling method. The online raffle platform is a win-win for clubs. There’s less admin, no chasing missing tickets or cash from players and parents and they still get to keep 100% of the proceeds from each ticket sold. There’s also three brand new Toyota vehicles and a bunch of other prizes up for grabs.

We recruited Toyota Ambassador Johnathan Brown to be the face of the new-look raffle, issuing a nation-wide call to action to raise a record-breaking $1million for grassroots footy clubs. The ‘IT’S TIME TO RAI$E’ campaign has opened the conversation to footy fans across Australia and is supported across broadcast, in-stadia, print, TVC, social media, digital and OOH.

Throwing out the raffle rulebook and taking it online was an important move in evolving Toyota’s community initiative and ‘Good for’ program by increasing reach, dollars raised and ultimately CSR credentials for the brand.

The initiative is further championed by Toyota’s Dealer Network, giving them the opportunity to build genuine connections with their local communities. Now that’s good for footy!