in Sport

July 1, 2022

Gemba and Transport for NSW have come together to develop ‘Don’t Fly Blind’ – a new execution continuing the long-running Get Your Hand Off It campaign, in partnership with the Sydney Swans.

‘Don’t Fly Blind’ is a fun experiment with three Sydney Swans players, a blindfold and a pointed message: Don’t get distracted by your phone while driving.

We wanted to see how the Swans performed their elite skills blindfolded. Can they take a specky, run through the pack or even kick a goal when they can’t see? The content captured on the day showed that it was next to impossible for Swans stars Tom McCartin, Harry Cunningham and Callum Mills.

So why ‘Flying Blind?’ It was all based on one hard hitting fact – looking at your phone for just two seconds while driving at 60km per hour means you’re ‘driving blind’ for over 33 meters. A lot can go wrong over that distance.

The social, digital and in-stadium content raises awareness of the dangers of driving illegally using a mobile phone and encourages drivers to avoid mobile phone distraction through the ‘Get Your Hand Off It’ campaign message.

Accompanying the ‘Don’t Fly Blind’ campaign is the in-stadium big screen activation – Distracted Cam. Distracted Cam finds fans distracted by their phones rather than enjoying the full matchday experience. Distracted fans will see themselves captured on the big screen at the SCG, once they look up from their phone. The message here is simple – it’s easy to be distracted by your mobile phone from what’s happening around you, so get your hand off it while driving.

The campaign is currently live in the market, leveraging Sydney Swans players, stadium big screen, digital, social, and other in-stadia assets.