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November 1, 2021

In our new series of Racing, Chasing and Pacing research reports, we will deep dive into the world of racing and analyse how fans across Australia engage with one of the nation’s largest sports.

On the eve of the Melbourne Cup our first report will analyse how Horse Racing fans engage with the sport via betting. If you are interested in what proportion of fans have placed a bet in the past week, which platforms they are using or how many bets they typically place, take a few minutes to have a read.

A few takeaways from the report include:

  • Passion for Horse Racing is driven by the major carnivals, bringing more casual fans into the sport;
  • Over half of Horse Racing fans have placed a bet on in the past three months, with the average amount bet totalling $15; and
  • The two largest betting platforms TAB and Sportsbet appeal to a contrasting user base.

Download the full report here

In addition to this make sure you check out the first ever Gemba Lexus Melbourne Cup Predictive Model that our Data and Analytics team have developed using data from the past 20 Melbourne Cup’s.

Desktop link here 

Mobile link here