Insights Manager

in Sport

March 18, 2022

The Gemba Free-Throw is a bi-annual report which provides and overview of the macro trends impacting the sport and entertainment industry in Australia.

The first edition looks specifically at how the past two years of COVID disruption have impacted on the nation’s passion for sport, consumption of media and willingness to get back to music and cultural festivals.

Key highlights of this free to download report include:

  • Passion for sport declined over a COVID-disrupted 2021 an average -0.7% pts. Horse Racing’s ability to remain in operation has meant it is one of the few sports that buckled this trend (+1.3% pts).
  • A notable decline in sporting passion among fans under 35 (-2% pts, compared to +0.6% pts among older age groups) suggests a battle is brewing to regain the attention of this key consumer group as life returns to some normality in 2022.
  • Music Festivals are back and now after a long hiatus, there is ample opportunity to reach younger audiences as well as older age groups who are keen to make up for lost time (Musical festival fanaticism increase by 3% pts among 16 to 24 year olds in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic levels and is up 11% pts among those aged 35 to 44)

Follow this link to download the report and get in touch to find out more about our sport and entertainment insights program!