in Sport

April 10, 2017


‘Future of Sport Report’ 

Powered by Gemba Insights and Strategy, the National Broadband Network’s latest report tells how technology is revolutionising the way Australian sports fans view and engage with the games they love.

According to the nbn™ Future of Sport report, the appeal of watching sport from home is increasing thanks to fast broadband and the digital evolution of the sports industry.

The Gemba Group, which conducted the study, found that 3.4 million Australians watch the equivalent of at least one working day of sport from home each week. Many even confess to pulling an all-nighter to stream sports at home.


Popular opinion tells us that the most exciting way to watch a match is live from the grandstands, however many Australians are creating the next-best-thing at home. They are making the most of technology to turn their living rooms into ‘high-tech stadiums.’

Rob Mills, CEO of Gemba Group says: “Sports fans now demand non-stop entertainment, full immersion and unfettered access to athletes, teams and events. Viewers seeking more sports, deeper engagement and a heightened experience are enabled by a fast developing digital eco-system – one that is underpinned by factors including fast broadband.”

For more on Gemba’s insights into how technology and digital is shaping the future of sport, visit the nbn report here.