Project overview

National Rugby League powerhouse, the Parramatta Eels, partnered with Gemba to accelerate the Club’s ambition to be a leading data-driven organisation


Ignition: Over a period of two weeks, Gemba delivered a comprehensive Data Strategy after assessing all aspects of the organisation’s current and desired use of data and digital. Gemba outlined 11 recommendations to be implemented over a nine-month period.

Acceleration: After completion of the Data Strategy, Gemba was retained for three months to ‘accelerate’ the recommendations over a three-month period. A Gemba data strategy consultant sits on-site and works with Senior Executives and staff to implement new processes, improve data and culture and unlock value through data.


The Eels have accelerated their aspiration to become one of the leading data-driven rights holders in the country. Gemba delivered a cleansed, merged and dynamic “single source of truth” data set across membership and ticketing, prospects, participation and online merchandise sales. We identified new target segments for member growth. We saved hours of management’s time each week by automating data and reporting tasks, and integrating disparate insights and KPI reporting into a common dashboard environment.