Good & Gooder

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At the start of a new AFL season, we needed to step-change how we structure and communicate Toyota’s long running Good for Footy program, to get more credit for Toyota’s contribution.

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Introducing The Good for Footy Suggestion Box. It’s real and it’s virtual. It’s live and online, from AFL.com.au to local parks.  It’s on TV and in fan conversation. And it’s looking for ideas that make footy more accessible for all. 

From the fans in the stands to the local under 11’s, we want to know… How can we make footy better for all?

In this fully integrated campaign, we asked for suggestions and we teased out what they might be. We leveraged our Ambassadors and partners through TV, broadcast, social, digital, print and OOH. We built a portal to house suggestions and we took the best on board and made them happen. 

Now that’s Good for Footy!