Michael Long and the Legendary Long Run

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Project Overview

‘Toyota Legendary Moments’ is the longest running and most loved sponsorship campaign in Australian sport. It is based on a series of television advertisements featuring comedians Stephen Curry and Dave Lawson and a footballer re-enacting one or more famous incidents from that player’s career.

Following a three-year campaign hiatus, Gemba was tasked with the job of taking it to the next level and exceeding the success of previous years.

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We decided it was time for Steve & Dave to pull on the boots once again and deliver yet another Legendary Moment from Toyota. But first, we had to choose a legend. How do you top characters like Jezza, Plugger, Huddo and Dermie? What timeless and universal footy moment transcends fan parochialism and enters the realm of legend?

We kicked off the campaign with a teaser phase executed across print, TV and social media, asking footy fans everywhere who they thought should be the next legend, and what their legendary moment should be. 30 and 15 second TVCs saw Steve & Dave back in the park reflecting on past glories and pondering the future. We also shared some of the great ads from the archives, seeding the concept to a new audience after three years ‘warming the bench.’

We shared cryptic clues on Twitter to kick start the conversation. Each gallery offered three pieces of a ‘Legendary Puzzle’. On Facebook we took fans behind the scenes and published photos from the new Legendary Moment, but with our legend remaining a secret. What would our hero be doing on a BMX sidecar? And why is Dave dressed up as Inspector
Gadget?!? We built a webpage to showcase our new legendary content. We reconnected with old fans and introduced new ones with our back catalogue of Legendary Moment TVCs. And we pulled viewers to the site with compelling digital assets on AFL.com.au


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  • 96% Positive Sentiment
  • $0.03 Total Cost Per view